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    Is “half-white privilege” like being “half-pregnant”?

    Is “half-white privilege” like being “half-pregnant”?

    Saturday Night Card Game: White privilege is the political Swiss Army Knife of the progressive movement.

    White privilege is the political Swiss Army Knife of the progressive movement.

    There is literally nothing that happens in the country for which white privilege does not serve as a tool. If you are white, you have white privilege. If you are not, you suffer from lack of white privilege. The insane White Privilege Conference exposed recently is just one example, but certainly liberal websites partake as well.

    But what to make of our increasingly multi-racial society? How do you squeeze white privilege into the actions of multi-racial perps?

    We know that with George Zimmerman, the problem of half-whiteness was solved by labeling him just plain old white, or at most, a white Hispanic. Never was Zimmerman just Hispanic.

    What to make of the UCSB mass murderer who was half white and half Asian? is a long-time purveyor of all manner of white privilege political arguments.  Joan Walsh has twisted into an intellectual knot to justify bringing white privilege to bear while also acknowledging the half-whiteness. The answer? Half-White Privilege.

    Elliot Rodger’s half-white male privilege:

    Not that I have a lot of sympathy for Rodger, but it twists his already twisted story to label him simply white….

    Why is it so hard to recognize Rodger as of mixed racial descent? It certainly doesn’t negate the role white entitlement and privilege played in his “syndrome.” Rodger is at least partly a victim of the ideology of white supremacy, as well as its violent enforcer….

    This is not to suggest that mixed-race people suffer from emotional problems (aside from the fact that all humans do). That’s a danger, because people of mixed racial descent have long been stigmatized as unhappy or somehow lacking, going back to the awful “tragic mulatto” stereotype. “He had some really serious and deeply clinical mental anguish beyond these concerns [of identity],” writes Daniel, who has long argued against notions (found among people of all races) that all mixed-race Americans are somehow troubled or racially untethered.

    The Rodger coverage underscores that our traditional American black-white, victim-victimizer view of American race relations is failing us in a world where Asians are the fastest-growing “minority” and Latinos the largest. Dismissing Rodger as white implies that Asians can’t be racist on their own, that it was only his white half that made him hate black people and Mexicans. Labeling him Asian, or making the preposterous suggestion that he committed an anti-white hate crime, ignores that he was both the prisoner of white entitlement and supremacy as well as its avatar.

    To suggest that other races and other cultures don’t treat women as property is to miss how prevalent that attitude is. Sadly, misogyny and male entitlement come in every color and culture.

    So it is possible to be half pregnant?

    (Featured Image: “What’s the Matter with White People?” with Joan Walsh]


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    Henry Hawkins | June 1, 2014 at 11:07 am

    There simply aren’t enough individual incidents of white on minority racism to sustain the race-baiting industry, so they have begun redefining racism into something generic, pandemic, and completely irrefutable, a matter of faith, by adding the codicil that racists are unaware of their racism. Agree with them = good, disagree = you are unaware of your inherent racism.

    No need for contortions. The de facto rule is that anything which creates leverage is permissible. Essentially, these “progressives”, and the Left generally, are waging war, without the moderation enshrined in the Geneva Conventions.

    Life is not a fruitful enterprise for timid individuals. The Left get it. They are not constrained by arbitrary rules of biology, morality, etc. Perhaps that’s why civilization always suffers progressive corruption then a dysfunctional convergence.

    Henry Hawkins | June 1, 2014 at 7:49 pm

    I’m waiting for Obama to stumble on the obvious, one-size-fits-all excuse: His white half has used racism to defeat his black half at every turn.

    Obviously anybody who tries to call “privilege” to me is being racist, because they are placing a judgement on me that implies my behavior is linked to my apparent skin color. The proper response is to call them on their racist act, insist on an apology for their obvious racism, and if they refuse, to ignore them as unrepentant racists not worthy of my time.

    mouell | June 9, 2014 at 7:03 am

    That must explain why Obama gets away with everything – his white half….

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