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    NRSC race card play against challenger hurts us all

    NRSC race card play against challenger hurts us all

    Saturday Night Card Game: If these tactics are needed against Chris McDaniel challenging Thad Cochran, maybe the race is worth a look.

    I don’t know much about Chris McDaniel, who is challenging Thad Cochran in the Mississippi Republican Senate primary. I also don’t know much about Thad Cochran.

    I haven’t studied the race, or taken a position. I don’t back a challenger just for the sake of backing a challenger.

    The National Republican Senatorial Committee, however, backs an incumbent just for the sake of backing an incumbent. NRSC is, in Prof. Reynold’s words, “an incumbent-protection club. That’s basically its job.”

    Which means backing any Republican Senate incumbent, no matter how bad and no matter how good the challenger. That means Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey; Bob Bennett over Mike Lee, and so on.

    Brad Dayspring is the Communications Director and Strategist for NRSC. While his Twitter feed has the obligatory disclaimer that his tweets are his own, he does seem to use his Twitter feed as part of his NRSC mission.

    A tweet on April 3 by Dayspring about McDaniel accused McDaniel of “associat[ing] with white nationalists & segregationists” based on a linked story at Talking Points Memo. (H/t The Other McCain)

    The TPM story reported that McDaniel backed out of an event after it was revealed — by a local pro-Cochran blog — that one of the vendors displaying at the event was pro-segregation.

    That’s it. No allegation that McDaniels himself was pro-segregation, or speaking at a pro-segregation event. Only that there was a vendor at the event.

    That’s the sort of guilt by remote association we expect TPM and others to use against Republicans. Robert Stacy McCain, who has an extensive write up on it, correctly states:

    The attempt to turn this into a scandal is like saying that if a candidate campaigns at a county fair, he thereby endorses every rip-off carnival game at the fair.

    It’s not surprising that NBC picked up on it, which Dayspring also tweeted out, asserting that McDaniel was not vetted:

    Dayspring responded to criticism that he was pushing the Democratic Party line of attack on Republicans by suggesting he was simply reporting what already was out there:

    Is this really where NRSC strategy is going? To defeat a challenger using the type of tactics routinely used against even Republican incumbents by the liberal media?

    If there is evidence that McDaniel has a real segregationist problem, then give us the evidence. Otherwise, make the case for your candidate or say nothing at all.

    Dayspring has not yet responded to an email requesting comment.


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    MaggotAtBroadAndWall | April 6, 2014 at 10:12 am

    The establishment ALWAYS takes our vote for granted. They know that many of us would rather poke our own eyes out with ice picks than vote for a liberty killing statist Democrat, or any of the fringe parties (except maybe Libertarian). Our only choice is voting or not voting. In 2006, 2008, and 2012 many chose not to vote.

    Despite the conventional wisdom that Republicans will win big in November, I am not so sure.

    Republicans have already shown their loyalty lies with the Chamber of Commerce who wants them to grant amnesty to several million foreign invaders. I have no doubt that will be high on the agenda in ’15 whether Republicans win the Senate or not. And as I’ve said before, full repeal of Obamacare is off the table. Only Ted Cruz regularly pushes that. So they’re going to pretend they want to “repeal and replace” it, but whatever we end up with is going to be a Big Government payoff to the rent seekers who have bought the Obamacare lobbyists. And that ain’t us.

    So when Republican voters figure out that amnesty is a fait accompli and Obamacare is effectively here to stay, why would Republican voters show up to vote?

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