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    Looking at “Loud Music” Murder Trial deliberations through race-colored glasses

    Looking at “Loud Music” Murder Trial deliberations through race-colored glasses

    Will verdict change or confirm preconceived notions of the role of race in the case?

    As of this writing, we still have no verdict in the Michael Dunn “Loud Music” murder trial.

    The jury now is in its 25th hour of deliberations, and has asked several questions about the law, including self defense. The verdict could come at any moment.

    It’s interesting to watch the Twitter chatter as the verdict is unknown. as people can project their feelings without knowing the result. Race is a prism for many, who are outraged that the jury is taking so long.

    Here are just a few representative tweets:

    Reality, though, is that a young black man is much more likely to be shot by another young black man, than by someone who looks like George Zimmerman or Michael Dunn:

    Does that fact matter?


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    Yes, many folks of the ebony persuasion will find racism in the verdict, whatever it is. However, I will say that the one who pulls the trigger has a strong obligation to prove it was justified. Firing a shot into a van full of people seems an outrageous act on its face. The defendant then should be held accountable for taking a life. Having said that, the charge of first degree murder seems also outrageous. It seems clear to me that the defendant may be guilty of manslaughter, or at the very most, second degree murder.

    They’re still stuck on Martin. I wonder how a sane person would react to an unprovoked, life-threatening attack. Would they lie motionless on the ground, and wait for their skull to crack from repeated strikes on the ground? The human and civil “rights” racket needs to be dismantled, and their presence removed from all public spaces, especially from schools where their retrogressive methods and principles are harming a captive audience.

      Bruce Hayden in reply to n.n. | February 16, 2014 at 7:37 am

      This is the scary thing, to me, about the left, and esp. the Black community, and the Zimmerman/Martin case. We have come to find since then that there is a segment of esp. the Black underclass that is into the knockdown game, and is essentially what Martin was doing that night – sucker punching Zimmerman to knock him down, and then pounding him a bit. Their theory seems to have been that boys will be boys, and committing aggravated assault for fun should not be grounds for being shot in self-defense. Something like that. But, that would mean accepting this black underclass morality for the majority, and we can’t live in a society that operates that way. Unfortunately for that minority, but fortunately for the rest of us, we still live in a society where physical assault is criminal, and if aggravated enough, justifies deadly force in self-defense. On the fateful night when Martin died, it came down to who legally had the right to live, and to die, when he, without legal provocation, made Zimmerman reasonably in fear for his own life or great bodily injury.

      I have to also add that those Black community leaders, along with all the white liberals supporting Martin, would likely have felt no different than Zimmerman if they had been faced with the attack that he faced from Martin. Probably none of them would have been willing to trade their own lives for Martin’s, just because he was a young black man from a broken home, who was apparently (from his social media) playing at being a gansta thug.

    MouseTheLuckyDog | February 15, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    I’m debating whether I should wait for the debate to turn from “whites killing blacks” to “old curmudgeonly types killing young wippersnappers”.

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