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    Wisconsin “John Doe” target goes on offense, threatens federal suit

    Wisconsin “John Doe” target goes on offense, threatens federal suit

    Demands “prosecutors close the investigation immediately, publicly exonerate Mr. O’Keefe … and dissolve the gag order”

    We previously wrote in detail about the “John Doe” investigation in Wisconsin targeting a wide range of conservative groups and Scott Walker supporters relating to the failed Democratic attempt to recall Walker.  See Secret probe of conservatives makes Wisconsin ground zero in First Amendment war for the details.

    We also noted the Big defeat for anti-conservative Wisconsin “John Doe” probe, when a judge recently quashed subpoenas.

    In a new development, Eric O’Keefe, one of the targets of the investigation, is demanding that the prosecutors end the probe or face a federal lawsuit (full media release embedded at bottom of post):

    Eric O’Keefe, who has been identified in media reports as a target of a secret “John Doe” investigation in Wisconsin, today demanded that state prosecutors end their action against him or face a federal civil rights action. O’Keefe is director of the Wisconsin Club for Growth, which was also targeted for alleged unlawful “coordination” with Governor Scott Walker’s campaign for fiscal reforms.

    “This investigation is political payback by elected prosecutors against conservative activists for their political successes in Wisconsin,” stated O’Keefe. “They are violating the constitutional rights of private citizens and must be held accountable.”

    In a letter to the prosecutors, O’Keefe’s lawyer, Washington attorney David B. Rivkin, states that the probe has no basis in Wisconsin law and violates Mr. O’Keefe’s First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and association. The prosecutors’ legal reasoning, the letter states, “is unsupportable as a matter of law and crystal clear evidence of bad faith.”

    “I am confident that any federal court that reviews the facts will see your investigation for what it is, put a stop to it, and hold you publicly accountable,” the letter states.

    The letter demands that Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and the other prosecutors close the investigation immediately, publicly exonerate Mr. O’Keefe and the Club, and dissolve the gag order that bars discussion of the proceeding. Despite the gag order, the investigation has been widely reported in the media, apparently due to leaks to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel from the prosecutors’ offices, Rivkin’s letter states.

    Wisconsin John Doe Target OKeefe – Media Release


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    Not A Member of Any Organized Political | January 15, 2014 at 6:45 pm


    “Gallup Poll: #1 U.S. Problem is Government, the Economy is #2

    An interesting Gallup poll shows Government Itself Still Cited as Top U.S. Problem

    Mentions of the government as the top problem remain higher than they were prior to the partial government shutdown in October. During the shutdown, the percentage naming the government as the top problem doubled to 33% from 16% in September.


    healthguyfsu | January 15, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    Dems getting mad…”you’re stealing our moves!”

    tonispamoni | January 17, 2014 at 10:24 am

    So one of the apparent subjects of the inquiry states that the leaks came from the prosecution side. That’s proof enough for me! Or is it? Could there be political advantage in the defense leaking information to the press?

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