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    I spotted this immigrant from a mile away, and I’m keeping off his lawn

    I spotted this immigrant from a mile away, and I’m keeping off his lawn

    Saturday Night Card Game – Obama says he can spot immigrants based on their faces. I spotted one too.

    If Obama can do it, why can’t I?

    A follow up to a prior question, What race is an illegal alien?

    Obama is pivoting back to immigration reform, which really amounts to an amnesty push, because without amnesty there could be “reform” of a wide variety of immigration issues.

    During a speech at DreamWorks, Obama curiously stated that he could tell who were immigrants based on their faces (transcript via RCP):

    OBAMA: As I was getting a tour of DreamWorks, I didn’t ask, but just looking at faces, I could tell there were some folks who are here not because they were born here, but because they want to be here and they bring extraordinary talents to the United States. And that’s part of what makes America special. And that’s part of what, by the way, makes California special, because it’s always been this magnet of dreamers and strivers. And people coming from every direction saying to themselves, you know, if I work hard there I can have my piece of the American Dream.

    I know exactly what he means.

    I spotted this immigrant from a mile away (the one on the left).

    Piers Morgan Mike Tyson

    Must have been the fear of deportation on his face:

    Piers Morgan Petition to Deport

    He’s still here.

    And he’s not taking any chances, so I’m keeping off his lawn to be safe:


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    Midwest Rhino | December 1, 2013 at 10:10 am

    Obama can identify the immigrant dreamers by color, but he wouldn’t dare profile at the airport. Middle aged white women must be felt up in higher proportion than Muslim men aged 18-40 (fitting 99% of the terrorists), just to show how stupid fair we are.

    I’m still not sure if Obama is blindly racist, or if he mostly uses his race card as a weapon. Barring the pathway to citizenship, we could get a reasonable deal that would give us temporary workers paying taxes, AND control the border. Obama doesn’t want a solution, he wants a constant campaign issue.

    This is the same tactic for minimum wage .. it will never be high enough, because Democrats always need conservatives to vote against it, so they can claim we hate poor people.

    Same thing with fixing health care … any number of problems … good solutions must be thwarted, to maintain the campaign issue. “No piecemeal funding”, or legislation that solves a problem, without giving ground to the leftist ratchet.

    So why do these dreamers and strivers want to escape their socialist/tyrannical nirvana, and move to a nation of white capitalist racists? It seems many dream to conquer us, with Obama’s help.

    Vascaino | December 1, 2013 at 10:42 am

    Since we’ve been apprised of all Obama’s lies why do people still take time to worry about his clairvoyance claims?
    Really amusing now is thinking about that open mike incident when Sarkozy complained that Netanyahu is a liar and Obama agreed saying that he had to endure dealing with with Bibi every day.
    Projection anyone?

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