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    60 Minutes confirms Benghazi is a real scandal, and you’ve been lied to (Update)

    60 Minutes confirms Benghazi is a real scandal, and you’ve been lied to (Update)

    Update 11-8-2013: 60 Minutes backs off Benghazi witness story.


    60 Minutes had an absolutely devastating report on the Obama administration’s failure to protect Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans in Benghazi.

    I’ll post the video when available (update – available and added), but the heart of the report is that there were clear and unequivocal warnings which were ignored, and the Obama administration lied about these warnings after the attack.

    Hillary and Obama blamed a video and stood by the caskets perpetuating that lie.

    And remember how almost all of the media obsessed with Mitt Romney’s statement over Benghazi, and colluded to ask Romney gotcha questions while downplaying and obfuscating what really happened.

    60 Minutes said its investigation took almost a year.

    (Transcript here)

    Watch these videos, and consider the cold hearts that blamed a video for political purposes when they knew it was not true:


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    Why didn’t CBS do its job on this story over a year ago? Why now? All this slobbering over a single story 60 Minutes should have been covering long ago is baffling. Sure, we needed 60 Minutes to confirm Benghazi was a real scandal. Fucking. LOL.

    When can we expect a hard hitting expose on Obamacare–a month or two after the 2014 election and after the employer mandate kicks in and throws the health of 20 or 30 million more people into the jaws of bureaucratic and political whim?

    The IRS continues to screw Dear Leader’s political enemies with impunity. Have we seen a 60 Minutes story to lend credence to that bit of empiricism?

    What difference at this point does it make? The cool hipster imbeciles have already elected The Cool Guy and they get their news from a Trotskyite dildo on the Comedy Channel, not 60 Minutes.

    It’s never to late to demand JUSTICE. WHEN are Americans going to take a stand against Obama and his croonies including Clinton? There are more waking up and seeing the truth. Both Benghazi and Obamacare not to mention a host of other incidents are finally proving the Republicans to truly be RIGHT. WHEN will Americans stand up against tyranny and say collectively, “This is not what America began as and we wont take it anymore!” I hope it’s sooner than later. While you consider this, please watch: It will explain a lot of what modern day America is facing.

      deelynn53 in reply to flobow. | October 29, 2013 at 4:13 pm

      Flobow, the link you shared is not available. I completely agree with your comment & wanted to view the youtube video you recommended. Can you share link again to make sure it was the correct one?

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