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    For Dems in 2016, it’s Hillary or bust

    For Dems in 2016, it’s Hillary or bust

    Larry Sabato came out with his rankings of presidential contenders today.

    I was going to write about the downgrade of Marco Rubio, but that’s old news.

    More interesting is the rankings of Democrats. There is no “First Tier” other than Hillary. The drop from Hillary to Joe Biden is dramatic, and then comes the Third Tier of (don’t say I didn’t warn you) Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Cuomo.

    By comparison, the Republican bench is deeeeeeep.

    For Democrats to have a strong shot of winning in 2016, Hillary must run. It’s that simple.

    And it’s why we’ve never underestimated the likelihood of Elizabeth Warren getting in the race if Hillary doesn’t.

    Sabato Crystal Ball Democratic Presidential Rankings 8-15-2013


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    Carol Herman | August 15, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    Drudge is giving headline space to Chris Christie. Says he coasts to re-election victory in NJ this year. And, he’s mapping out the republican party’s NEED TO WIN. You can spout out all the dogma you want. You can’t lead unless you win.

    So, betting early, I think it will be Kerry against Christie.

    Hillary is such a long shot, she has sex with Bill, first.

    Maybe, Hillary will just blame Huma?

    And, no matter how low Obama’s numbers go and drop. (They’re at 35% today, per Drudge) … Congress is so far below this, they haven’t even made it up to the curb, from the gutter.

    Did you notice no one ever leaves DC?

    Lobbying is a big business in DC. Then, you get the party professionals who make entertaining easy. Gotta have parties! Gotta feed people.

    So many of DC dwellers are getting old, though. You wonder if when parties are thrown there’s a place to stash all the canes. And, the walkers.

    Most of the population does not have well defined opinions and are easily led into believing the person who is full of it. Democrats never apologize, they demonize. It makes them much more authoritive.

    Whoever the candidate is, I hope he defines who he is and defends it without apology. That is why Christie ranks so high and so many conservatives compare him to a Dem, he personally behaves like one, and also his politics are pretty much center or left center.

    Carol Herman | August 15, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    One thing that was said about Sandra Day O’Connor is that she had the best ear on the court to know what the American people were thinking.

    Decisions really ride on “acceptance.” You can be brilliant, but if you cannot connect to what a majority of your audience is thinking … you’re writing “lost causes.”

    I know the surpeme’s have an odd way of using previous cases when they’re building a current argument. (So, sometimes they go back and pick up an old “dissent” … dust it off … And, it emerges, again, as part of a majority opinion.)

    Today it’s an “ideological court.” (Something FDR got to complaining about during his first term as president.) Then he ends up seating one new member after another … over his four terms.

    Maybe, it’s whom you know and not what you know?

    Up ahead? I sure hope john roberts pays a price for organzing, aiding and abetting the creation of secret courts … where this is so anti-American it makes most people just want to spit.

    Still if you know john roberts maybe he can nominate you to a secret bench … where you can rule away common sense?

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