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    15 liberals who can’t handle the truth about the Oberlin racism hoax

    15 liberals who can’t handle the truth about the Oberlin racism hoax

    [WAJ intro: Laurel Conrad is a Cornell University Senior. This is her first post at Legal Insurrection. Laurel is President of the conservative Cornell Review, and the Cornell chapter of the Network of Enlightened Women. Laurel interned this summer at The Daily Caller. We look forward to more posts from Laurel this academic year. Follow her on Twitter.]


    In February 2013, a series of bias incidents occurred on Oberlin campus. The outraged campus canceled classes and received much attention from the media, including an article in the Huffington Post.

    However, the two students who perpetrated the racist acts later claimed that it was a “joke” in order to “troll” the campus, according to the police report.  Notably, the lead perpetrator was a liberal student with a history of Obama activism in high school and college.

    After the hoax was exposed, the Huffington Post ran an article by the Associated Press, Oberlin Racism Hoax.

    However, the AP article left out one critical piece of information, that the hoax was perpetrated by a liberal.  We could not have set a better trap if we had tried.

    Many of the HuffPo commenters gleefully jumped to the conclusion that the perpetrator of the hoax must be a conservative Rush Limbaugh-listening Republican.

    Below, check out these hilarious 15 liberals who just can’t handle the truth!

    1. RNC Derangement Syndrome.

    Somehow, I think that the RNC will be just fine without the pseudo-racist Obama supporter.

    2. Should have gone to Liberty.

    These are all certainly top-choice colleges for liberal activists!

    3. Lofty conservative ambitions.

    And yet on Twitter, the student described himself as an “atheist/pacifist/environmentalist/libertarian socialist/consequentialist.” Hmm, something just doesn’t add up here….

    4. Liberal logic.

    You can’t argue with this kind of critical reasoning.

    5. Faux News.

    Derekw007 demonstrates the grace and eloquence of a liberal commentator.

    6. Rising GOP star.

    Something tells me that “previously organized a voter registration for Obama” is not ideal GOP presidential candidate criteria. This may be just a hunch, though.

    7.  Baby Republican.

    “YEAH!!” Wait, what?

    8. Only conservatives are racist.

    Good point, “An Independent Woman”.

    9. ‘Modus Operandi.’

    He is actually a liberal, based on his political affiliation.

    10. NOT FUNNY.

    “Hey mom and dad, you’re really going to laugh about this one….”

    11. Fixed this for you!

    I think what “PMVB” actually meant to say was, “The student must be training to be a Republican Democrat politician with his ‘ It’s only a joke “ thing.’”

    12. The next Rush Limbaugh.

    Yes, the student and Limbaugh are almost exactly alike! They would only disagree on basically every issue, ever!

    13. “I believe you mena…”

    “China2012’s” brilliant, and yet totally incorrect response to the comment, “Another future liberal leader at work!”

    14. Heritage Foundation is inevitable.

    Good point; all good College Democrats aspire to work for the Heritage Foundation.

    15. Humor at Limbaugh’s knee.

    That sounds exactly where the founder and president of the Ithaca High School for Obama club would get his material.

    The comments above reveal the general cluelessness of the liberal commenters. They assumed that the hoaxers must be conservative, because racism was involved. The real “joke” was on them, because in the end, one of the perpetrators was a liberal, Obama supporting activist!


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    amatuerwrangler | August 30, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    On the other side of the continent (Left Coast) the evening news on 8/28/13 reports “racist graffiti” on buildings at the UC-Davis campus. The chief of the campus police decried the use of the “hurtful speech” of these writings. No mention of the similar incident at Oberlin, let alone that it was a hoax.

    This stuff may be from somebody’s playbook although the UC-Davis incident is still under investigation and no perpetrators identified. “The police are baffled, but arrests are eminent.”

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