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    In what alternate universe is the Trayvon Martin case a civil rights landmark?

    In what alternate universe is the Trayvon Martin case a civil rights landmark?

    I headed off to JFK Airport for my trip to Israel on Friday not long after Obama gave his surprise speech on the Florida jury verdict finding George Zimmerman not guilty of Second Degree Murder and Manslaughter in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

    The presidential statement elevated the Martin case to a historic status in the struggle for civil rights, although a discussion of the facts of the case was noticeably absent.

    Having had a subsequent 10-hour plane ride with no Wi-Fi, then some more down time, I was thrilled to see that the regular and guest authors here had taken Obama and others to task on the factual and legal absurdity of the presidential statement.  Thanks Mandy, Andrew, Fuzzy and Neo-Neocon.

    The evidence in the case — presented in court both at trial and in pre-trial proceedings — revealed that Martin bragged about fighting and how he could sucker punch people in the nose, possessed unlicensed firearms, was suspended from school for misconduct arguably involving possession of stolen property and/or burglary tools, did in fact sucker punch George Zimmerman in the nose after calling him a “creepy assed cracker,”  then beat Zimmerman Mixed Martial Arts style while bashing Zimmerman’s head against the concrete as he screamed for his life,  all of which was consistent with the forensic evidence and eyewitness accounts.

    Beyond that, Zimmerman was of mixed race (white, Hispanic, black) with no history of racism against blacks found by the FBI, and many anecdotes showing Zimmerman was not racist.

    On top of all that, the State of Florida took extraordinary efforts to prosecute the case, including appointing a Special Prosecutor when regular line prosecutors declined to file charges for lack of evidence sufficient to prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt, sparing no expense or effort to prove the case to a jury.

    Prior to the verdict being announced, the almost universal view of legal observers was that Zimmerman had a plausible claim of justifiable use of deadly force under traditional principles of self-defense based on the evidence presented at trial.

    The jury reached a verdict which was consistent with the law and the facts.

    Now there are mass protests, marches and calls for boycotts of Florida, egged on and encouraged by the President, and an extraordinary tip line established by the Attorney General of the United States in a disturbing attempt to find something with which to charge Zimmerman.

    In what universe does the President of the United States elevate this case — this case, this case — to civil rights landmark status as reflective of historical injustices visited upon blacks and call a nation to action?

    I felt like I had taken off from an imperfect planet Earth, and landed in an alternate universe.


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    I have all the experiences (black man followed in a store, etc.) cited by President Obama, but my experiences lead me in a different direction. I NEVER want to see special interests manipulate law enforcement and the judicial system to attempt to send someone to jail with no real evidence that the person committed a crime. If there is evidence that GZ shot TM because of race, by all means prosecute him. But if there is no evidence of race bias, let him/her go. No black american, considering the history of race bias against blacks, should ever condone prosecuting and convicting someone (of any race) with little or no evidence. Being found guilty based on flimsy or non-existent evidence while ignoring, discounting or suppressing exculpatory evidence – these are exactly the things that have historically happened to us in the judicial system, and I’m against it happening to anyone. Period.

    JohnOfEnfield | July 22, 2013 at 11:07 pm

    I think that the depths that Obama has descended to are tragic. He has demeaned himself, his office & his country.

    It is manifestly obvious that Obama has resorted to using this case to inflame the populace in order to provide a smokescreen for all the other abuses of his office. For example, he now has a prima facie case to answer on the IRS scandal.

    The comparison between the “Pussy Riot” case of judicial manipulation in Russia and the Zimmerman case is horrible to think about.

    My question to Obama is: what on earth have we in the Western world been fighting for since 1939 if it is not freedom from abuse of power by the likes of him & Holder? Neither History nor the American people will EVER forgive him.

    […] of civil rights violations. Because I am not an attorney or professor of law, I will quote one: Obama statement | Trayvon Martin | Protests boycotts Beyond that, Zimmerman was of mixed race (white, Hispanic, black) with no history of racism […]

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