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    Why is Daily Kos so afraid of some speech competition from the Koch Brothers?

    Why is Daily Kos so afraid of some speech competition from the Koch Brothers?

    The Daily Kos is reacting very hysterically to the mere possibility that the Koch Brothers might buy 8 Tribune Co. newspapers, including the L.A. Times.

    Kos has teamed up with SEIU and others to try to pressure the Tribune not to sell the papers to the Koch Brothers, as noted at Hot Air, New left-wing coalition begs Tribune Company: Don’t sell the LA Times to the Koch brothers.

    The whole campaign is based on the laughable premise that the Tribune papers are unbiased:

    Millions of Americans rely on the news outlets currently operated by the Tribune Company to provide them with accurate, unbiased information about pressing issues in their communities and around the world. Ownership by two of the most influential and radical right wing ideologues in the country will skew trusted news sources to further their interests and debase our democracy.

    Any news outlet owned by such intensely partisan activists could not be trusted to provide an honest account of a wide variety of issues that are of vital importance to the public.

    Really, what is Kos so afraid of?

    Isn’t having NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS, Huffington Post / AOL, Yahoo, Google, The NY Times, The Washington Post, Hollywood, the music industry, almost all of Higher Ed, Silicon Valley, and almost every major media outlet on your side enough?

    Kos isn’t trying to protect journalism, it’s trying to protect a near monopoly on traditional media outlets.

    The Murdock media group and talk radio are all that stand in the way of total domination.  It’s not surprising, therefore, that we see organized efforts launched many years ago to try to take down Fox News and to deprive Rush Limbaugh and other conservative radio hosts of platforms.  It hasn’t worked, but not for lack of trying.

    The Koch Brothers might breath a little more fresh air into the liberal media echo chamber.

    It’s ironic that Daily Kos, which made an end run around traditional media and built a powerful internet and political voice, is so afraid of the Koch Brother buying failed newspaper operations.  It just goes to show you how deep the fear runs.

    I don’t hear the Koch Brothers trying to deprive Daily Kos of a platform.

    Are the intellectual foundations of your views so weak that you cannot stand even a little competition and have to deprive others of a platform?

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    richard40 | May 10, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    Al Gore can sell his channel to Al Jazeera, but God help us if somebody sells a paper to the Koch Brothers.

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