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    NRA’s new liberty culture war not like the old culture war

    NRA’s new liberty culture war not like the old culture war

    The NRA seems to be broadening the issue of gun control into a broader culture war issue.  But it doesn’t seem to be the old religious/moral culture war, it’s more a liberty culture war.

    It makes sense from a strategic point of view because it ties into the somewhat libertarian trend among conservatives and definitely Tea Party supporters focused on individual autonomy and self-reliance.  It also puts the purpose of the 2nd Amendment, freedom from tyranny, in a broader social context of an overreaching government.

    It’s not just about guns, it’s about liberty.

    Wapo reports:

    WaPo - NRA culture war convention

    The National Rifle Association kicked off its annual convention Friday with a warning to its members they are engaged in a “culture war” that stretches beyond gun rights, further ramping up emotions surrounding the gun control debate.

    NRA First Vice President James Porter, a Birmingham, Ala., attorney who will assume the organization’s presidency Monday, issued a full-throated challenge to President Barack Obama in the wake of a major victory regarding gun control and called on members to dig in for a long fight that will stretch into the 2014 elections.

    “This is not a battle about gun rights,” Porter said, calling it “a culture war.”

    “(You) here in this room are the fighters for freedom. We are the protectors,” said Porter, whose father was NRA president from 1959-1960.

    Rob Heagy, a former parole officer from San Francisco, agreed with Porter’s description of a culture war.

    “It is a cultural fight on those 10 guarantees,” he said, referring to the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution. “Mr. Obama said he wasn’t going after our guns. As soon as the Connecticut thing happened, he came after our guns.”

    That theme carried throughout the day and reached a crescendo in a 3 ½-hour political rally punctuated by fiery speeches from state and national conservative leaders.

    Sarah Palin’s speech at the NRA convention was well received and hit on those themes:

    Ted Cruz challenged Joe Biden to a debate:


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    This is a fight that is winnable. The tools work.
    A constant meme is the left’s attack on civil rights.
    Another is the history of the NRA from its roots to help freed blacks defend themselves against the Democrat racists.

    I see nothing that gives the left traction that is going to work over the long haul.

    Emotion wringing only works for a short time then it takes on a look and feel of cynicism.

    The NRA is non-partisan and multi-racial and is standing against attackers of something the people have by rights.

    Conservative Beaner | May 4, 2013 at 9:27 am

    As a lifetime member of the NRA, I’m happy to hear they are changing from a culture defending gun rights to a culture of liberty. It’s not just about guns, it’s about all the rights in the Constitution and they are all equally important.

    When the NRA judges candidates by the gun issue only they end up unintentionally endorsing folks like Senator Reid. By judging overall we can geta clearer picture of each candidate.

    One last thing to My Sharia Moor, I won’t give up my guns for anything.

    Ragspierre | May 4, 2013 at 9:29 am

    The NRA position is right, but hardly a new revelation…even for them.

    We’ve known this all along.

    Note to the Beaner (it isn’t RAAA-CIST! if I capitalize it):

    My comment was meant to imply that I’m defending my 2nd Amendment rights with the absolutism demonstrated to me by the pro-abortionists.

    This is absolutely a culture war, and the normal people out here didnt start it. Liking guns– or even being anything other than wholly ignorant about them– is a cultural signifier among the shiteratti in academia, government, and the liberal northeast media establishment.

    The Unpeople of Jesusland like them some guns. And those people are Beneath Us. Therefore, we will legislate their culture out of existence. So goes the cultural argument.

    I am not licensed to carry and I don’t know whether I ever will be. But I understand that the unalienable right to arm myself comes from God, courses through my blood through His grace, and will ever be intrinsic to me, as it is intrinsic to all men.

    God damn the Acela Corridoristas! God DAMN them. I am a member of GOAL and the NRA because they defend my civil rights with vigor and passion and damn straight they engage in the very real culture war on my behalf!

    Cold dead hands indeed. But should it come down to it, it won’t be my hands that are cold and dead because my side has the guns.

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