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    Jay Carney attempts to throw CIA under the bus on Benghazi talking points

    Jay Carney attempts to throw CIA under the bus on Benghazi talking points

    I’ll post the video when available.

    (Wow, GOP Rapid Response got this video out really quickly)

    Here are some tweets as it took place:


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    Karensky | May 11, 2013 at 6:26 am

    Banned I believe then President Reagan had the Med. Fleet “tossing Volkswagon sized shells onto the coast of Lebanon” as a response to the Marine barracks bombing.

    Midwest Rhino | May 11, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    Even as this breaks the media cone of silence, they twist the facts to yield as little ground as possible. A few strategies:

    1. It was just inter-agency squabble … AFTER the fact. “What difference does it make NOW”. (Hillary’s line was practiced … to minimalize the issue.)

    2. We did everything we could have … no more assets were available to make a difference. No stand down orders. (this was the practiced “angry” response from Obama in the debate … but appears false, and more assets SHOULD HAVE been in place)

    3. Witch hunt … covert operations made us keep secrets (was this why Romney backed down, since he had intel?)

    4-20 … all the variations from media/propaganda branch of the left’s internal army, that will protect their team, and divert from the truth. Several “blame Republicans” strategies are already out there.

    Anyway … besides what Archer said above, the big issue seems to be that Obama has changed “no man left behind”, to “the pawns will be sacrificed to save Queen Hillary and King Obama”. Not sacrificed for the American interests, but for political campaigns based in subterfuge, with intent to weaken and transform US. (why did Biden expose Seal team 6 and their families?) All this damages esprit de corps.

    Obama has yet to clarify why he wants an internal security force as powerful and well funded as our military. He is certainly funding his unions, trying to give them power over even our health care. Whatever “internal force” is planned, you can bet it would be run by union “generals” like Trumka.

    But the men in the trenches for the military, CIA, ICE and FBI … may have more love for country than to watch these leftist tyrants destroy US. Time for the whistleblowers to all blow their “rape whistles” in harmony against this regime. Did Obama’s army of leftists think these good men would just roll over and take it?

    Can’t wait for him to throw the Secret Service under the bus and then expect them to take a bullet for Obama.

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