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    Did Boston Bombing kill immigration “reform”?

    Did Boston Bombing kill immigration “reform”?

    Threw the bill off its fast track.

    I’ve been meaning to post this link for several days, Deny It All You Want But Immigration Reform Is Dead (emphasis in original):

    Opponents of the current immigration reform effort needed time, that most valued commodity, to defeat immigration reform.  The Boston Terror Bombers gave it to them.  And the fact that the Boston Terror Bombing Brothers are Caucasian is an added bonus because the race-baiting of Obama Dimocrats can be countered with a simple “but they’re white”.

    Immigration reform opponents will add the national security angle to their opposition arsenal. Any bill that emerges will be so tough that Barack Obama won’t sign it.

    While there are some very good things in the current immigration reform bill, it is too big to pass.  We still don’t know what is in all the nooks and crannies of the immigration reform bill.

    As we learned during the ObamaCare fear and smear campaign something so big cannot be examined too much or it will fail – unless it is rammed through.  Immigration reform was on the fast track to being rammed through.  But the Boston Terror Bombing Brothers blew the fast track up.

    It fits with my narrative that the rush to pass the bill quickly was making me uncomfortable, Put the 844-page Immigration Bill on ICE for a while:

    Let it hang out in the air for a while.

    If it doesn’t stink, the fresh air and sunshine won’t hurt it.

    If it does stink, the fresh air and sunshine will do it good.

    Time is not on the bill’s side.  Already there are reports Obama is desperately shopping for Democrats to pass something, anything, even if scaled back.

    The bill may have irreparably damaged Marco Rubio.  It’s not that trying to “reform” the immigration system is hurting Rubio, it’s that he has hitched himself to a Gang of Eight mentality, and rolled out a massive bill he doesn’t appear to fully understand — not because there’s anything wrong with him but because it’s the nature of these legislative behemoths.

    Even the most studious legislator cannot fully comprehend the mischief of the lobbyists and Democratic staffers, and just plain unintended consequences.

    John Hinderaker explains Why the Immigration Bill Can’t Be Fixed.

    The Editors of National Review have run a newsworthy cover, Rubio’s Folly:

     How about this immigration reform:  Enforce existing law.


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