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    Obligatory — Krystal Ball uses daughter as prop

    Obligatory — Krystal Ball uses daughter as prop

    Alternative headline — Krystal Ball daughter forgets lines forcing mother to cross-examine her on TV

    This is one of the more bizarre episodes ever seen on a network show.

    Notice that the little girl, Krystal Ball’s daughter, initially talks about a husband and wife, and then again talks about being in love with “him” until pushed by her mother to talk about marrying a girl.

    Regardless of your position on gay marriage, it’s very disturbing to see a child used this way on television — but then again, it’s Krystal Ball and MSNBC, so almost nothing is surprising.

    From the archives, remember Krystal Ball was one of the people behind the push to get Rush Limbaugh kicked off radio, What did Krystal Ball know, and when did she know it?:

    MSNBC commentator Krystal Ball was involved from the start in the StopRush movement, interacting with Angelo Carusone of Media Matters and a Twitter user going by the pseudonym “@Shoq” to form the working group to coordinate Twitter and online contacts with Limbaugh advertisers. I detailed all this in my post on March 21, 2012, Independent Rush boycott group coordinated with Media Matters.


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    Callipygian1 | April 6, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    Isn’t America wonderful? A place where you can willfully pose for pictures wearing a dildo on your nose, and be rewarded with a television appearance, albeit on a lunatic fringe gathering spot.

    JoAnne | April 6, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    That was so disturbing on so many levels that I couldn’t finish watching it.

    Pcritchley | April 7, 2013 at 3:03 am

    Krystal’s discussion with her daughter will make no difference to her sexual orientation as an adult. I am a conservative man who grew up in a conservative household. My father was not distant. My mother was not dominant.. I have no mental illnesses. I am a very ordinary man with nothing that distinguishes me from the next ordinary man. My childhood was flooded with suggestions that I would grow up, fall in love with a girl, and marry, yet I came out as homosexual to my parents at 18, having had no sexual experience, and having never met anyone I could identify as gay. I did so as it was very clear to me that my sexual orientation was innate and remained unchanged despite overwhelming heterosexual influence and encouragement. I now live an honest and hard workingl life with my loving partner of 12 years. Krystal’s daughter will turn out fine.

    […] the Krystal Ball cross-examination of her own daughter showed, there is something wrong in the water over […]

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