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    Obligatory — Krystal Ball uses daughter as prop

    Obligatory — Krystal Ball uses daughter as prop

    Alternative headline — Krystal Ball daughter forgets lines forcing mother to cross-examine her on TV

    This is one of the more bizarre episodes ever seen on a network show.

    Notice that the little girl, Krystal Ball’s daughter, initially talks about a husband and wife, and then again talks about being in love with “him” until pushed by her mother to talk about marrying a girl.

    Regardless of your position on gay marriage, it’s very disturbing to see a child used this way on television — but then again, it’s Krystal Ball and MSNBC, so almost nothing is surprising.

    From the archives, remember Krystal Ball was one of the people behind the push to get Rush Limbaugh kicked off radio, What did Krystal Ball know, and when did she know it?:

    MSNBC commentator Krystal Ball was involved from the start in the StopRush movement, interacting with Angelo Carusone of Media Matters and a Twitter user going by the pseudonym “@Shoq” to form the working group to coordinate Twitter and online contacts with Limbaugh advertisers. I detailed all this in my post on March 21, 2012, Independent Rush boycott group coordinated with Media Matters.


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    1. A year has nearly passed since I posted this:

    I would not be shocked if sooner or later the public schools pressure students to engage in bisexual experimentation.

    “Why won’t you go out with me? Is it because I’m a lesbian?” Answering yes violates the asker’s constitutional right not to have her feelings hurt.

    Last August, ditto.

    2. Re the Ball clip:

    Whoever causes one of these little ones to stray…

    I’m an agnostic libertarian, but enough is enough.

    Barbara | April 5, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    Is this news or entertainment or mere torture? This woman Krystal conveys so many screwed up messages that play with my brain and the child’s brain. Mothers are role models for their daughters whether they like it or not. So Krystal is a real mother but would rather be living with a woman? (note encouragement) because living with a man created a child and so she rather subtly suggests a union that does not beget a child – which can mean – I don’t really want you little girl. Keep at it Krystal and you’ll have passed your anger on to an innocent.

    How dreadful.

    Krystal Balls (or Ball? Or whatever)is guilty of EXACTLY of the type of abuse leftists accused Christian fundamentalists of committing against children.

    You’ll see: one day we’ll read about Kracked Krystal’s daughter cutting her throat in a fit of rage. It’ll make for a great tv movie.

    This clip should be saved for the mom to view later when her daughter eventually comes home crying to mama. This will be after the daughter, a lesbian due to constant prompting from her mother and society and the denigration of natural marriage to a meaningless function of the state, is left behind by another of several lovers. And, after the lesbian daughter has seen multiple overstuffed lesbian therapists and psychologists because of her constant depression due to her highly encouraged and developed narcissistic bent.

    When the daughter’s U-Haul is in her mom’s driveway then it will be the time for mom (now much older and without grandchildren) to watch this video and weep.

    scooterjay | April 6, 2013 at 8:05 am

    I have never met a homosexual that didn’t have some sort of character flaw….be it OCD, bipolar disorder or just plain low self esteem every one that I have known has a “problem” or some other neuroses. I wonder….was “Mary Hartman” a lesbian?

      DemosthenesVW in reply to scooterjay. | April 7, 2013 at 9:41 pm

      Since when are medical disorders classed as “character flaws”?

      And have you ever known a person who didn’t have character flaws? Because I never have. Nobody’s perfect.

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