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    Legal Insurrection Building Fund campaign

    Legal Insurrection Building Fund campaign

    Also for College Insurrection and the Wiki project

    I warned you this was coming.

    As you know, we are hoping to do an even better job in the coming year at bringing you research, analysis and activism you will not find elsewhere.

    In order to do that, we are going to require resources which our advertising does not cover. Keeping advertising discreet, and not unnaturally directing you to multiple page views, helps the user experience, but it comes at a loss of revenue. I would prefer a “building fund” campaign over obtrusive pop-overs, pop-unders and similar advertising.

    I’m not using one of the fundraising tools you often see (a thermometer with goals and so on) because the fees are exorbitant, so please use one of the PayPal buttons below.

    One-time Donation:

    You can subscribe monthly (and cancel at any time) — use drop-down menu to pick an amount. This really helps:

    Subscription Options

    Donations are NOT tax deductible (but you knew that).

    This post will be “sticky” for a while.


    Donations tax deductible
    to the full extent allowed by law.



    Bruno Lesky | April 9, 2013 at 7:55 am

    I have come to value LI and CI immensely — for the posts and also for the comments by the community. In this modest way of subscription I hope to contribute to the increase of your influence. Your courage continues to inspire.

    Thanks for giving me the chance to support your tremendous work, Professor. It’s an honor to be associated with LI.

    Olenole65 | April 9, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Professor, I just doubled my subscription amount. Look forward to many of my fellow subscribers following suit.

    It is time for those with traditional American political and economic views in sympathy with those presented by Prof. Jacobson to pony up some ‘coin’.

    I guess we can say the #Occupy Legal Insurrection Movement is now over: the Profess is charging rent!

      Charging — “Rent”?
      Is my ad-blocker also blocking a LI pay-wall or something too?

      I’ve been coming here for years and have never paid ‘Rent’ — nor have I ever once felt compelled to pay ‘Rent’. I do feel compelled to ‘freely donate’ here — just as I do several other sites and/or causes.

      I’ve never heard of though.
      Oh — yeah — just visited there just now.
      Alrighty then… um, and I don’t want to be discouraging here — don’t give up?
      Yeah — Don’t give up! You can do eet!
      That’s the ticket…

      I and others have voluntarily and willingly given donations because we value the hard work, dedication, prescience, humor and intelligence of Professor Jacobson and his team. And I, myself, shall do so again in the future too. Especially since I do avail myself of a very good ad-blocker which is directly to Professor Jacobson’s detriment.

      The cause is great and so is Professor Jacobson and his team.
      We donate gladly — or we wouldn’t donate at all.
      And we’d still be freely welcome to visit and contribute to Professor Jacobson’s websites even if we didn’t donate.
      That’s just how Professor William Jacobson rolls.

      That’s how all good, sincere, and intelligent people of decency, good morals and scruples who truly care about their country and their countrymen should roll whatever ‘side’ they’re on. Professor Jacobson simply exemplifies it.

    janitor | April 10, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    Everyone please hurry up and give LI a lot of money. You know it’s worth it. And besides, the unchanging sticky post isn’t good for snaring drive-by traffic and I’m tired of looking at it! 🙂

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