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    Thumbs Up? (Reader Poll)

    Thumbs Up? (Reader Poll)

    The thumbs up/down feature is not working as to comments (it still works as to posts.

    As mentioned before, it’s some sort of technical glitch arising out of the “restore” that took place last week.

    Apparently people have noticed because there have been many comments about it as well as emails.  In fact, people seem to be somewhat emotionally invested in the issue.

    We’re bringing it back as soon as we can, but I am curious what the folks think.  Call it “thumb curious.”

    Poll open until 5 p.m. Friday, March 22.


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    Henry Hawkins | March 22, 2013 at 10:48 am

    Ever the science nerd, I’m more concerned that my posts are the product of reason and logic than that they be ‘popular’ with strangers (joke comments aside). Bear in mind that anyone may like or Dislike a comment, including unregistered drive-by readers drawn in by a link elsewhere on the innertubes, that is, I might enjoy a plethora of Likes on a given comment, but they might have come from drive-by liberals. Yikes!

    I think it may go understated how many people simply like to feel personally validated in their posted positions by the number of Likes they receive, a sort of ego massage.

    SoCA Conservative Mom | March 22, 2013 at 11:30 am

    Sort of on topic: I’ve noticed lately that a lot of sites are allowing a thumbs up vote (up arrow/like) without registering or logging in, but prevent a thumbs down vote unless signed in. Don’t like it. Please don’t do it here. Also, please keep the cumulative tally of ups and downs. I dislike sites that cancel the votes out, meaning one up subtracts a down vote and vise versa.

    The signatures on the US Constitution was the result of “group think.”

    Just sayin’

    I like the thumbs up/down option. As for group think, nah, although once in a great while when I find I’m out of sync with a post (because of the number of thumbs up or down that disagree with me), I’ll go back and reread the post. Sometimes I find that I’ve misunderstood the post. I like that. I would have missed some great thinking.

    just that you would even ask is very nice.
    I appreciated the feature, its not critical but was a nice touch.

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