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    The answer to a question I never asked

    The answer to a question I never asked

    The answer to a question I never asked (h/t our long lost Kathleen).

    The ‘Monty Hall Problem’:

    And the country?

    It picked Door No. 2, because math is hard.


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    1. The key point in the problem statement is that the host always opens a door to a goat.

    When you pick a door, you know that the chance is 2/3 that the car is behind one of the other two doors. That probability doesn’t change when the host reveals a goat.

    2. I confess to having thought about this at length. (If the link hadn’t mentioned Paul Erdős, maybe I wouldn’t admit that!) Our host titles his post The answer to a question I never asked.

    Maybe this kind of question should be asked because of its potential relevance to politics. The controversy about the solution suggests that, once they have taken a position, people can be resistant to new information. (In fact, as it were, some people will switch to the open door with the goat!)

    3. I hope Kathleen is doing well. I miss her constructive, forward-looking posts.

    Compared to what was behind Door No. 2, I’d prefer a goat!

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