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    Showdown over Saturday mail delivery

    Showdown over Saturday mail delivery

    A planned AFL-CIO rally for today to defend Saturday mail delivery may have been a bit premature after the  Government Accountability Office is claiming that the USPS cannot, by law, cut mail delivery to fewer than 6 days.

    Bloomberg News reports:

    The service is bound by law to deliver mail six days a week, and is incorrect in interpreting that a temporary measure used to fund U.S. government operations released it from that requirement, the GAO said in a letter to Representative Gerald Connolly, a Virginia Democrat, who requested that the watchdog agency look at the matter.
    The plan to cut delivery of letter mail while retaining package delivery on Saturdays “rests upon a faulty USPS premise,” GAO General Counsel Susan Poling said in the letter.
    The GAO’s conclusion sparked different interpretations from parties that support and oppose ending Saturday mail delivery. The labor union whose employees would be most affected said it doesn’t expect the dispute to end in a courtroom.

    But some Republicans, including Representatives Issa and Coburn, are fighting this interpretation, saying that because package deliveries will continue on Saturdays, mail service is not technically being cut.

    When it comes to cutting budgets, expect this fight over and over.


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    Postal employees are covered by FERS, which does not give anyone an 80% of pay retirement. The current problem is that GFERS is using the PO contributions to pay all current pensions. It’s the only actual cash in the system. Feral law passed by Issa and the others requires the PO to be the only Fed agency 100% prefunded in both pension and retirees health care.
    The USPS had to reach that funding level by 2010 and FERS overcharged and has refused to refund the over $6 billion. Mostly cause they spent it and put IOUs in the “fund”.

    I could go a full week without checking my mailbox, knowing what I’ll find when I bother is

    Six catalogs a-laying,
    Five golden AMEX card apps,
    Four landscaper calling cards,
    Three French drain installation ads,
    Two save-a turtle appeals,
    And, at Christmas, a box of pears from a tree.

    SeanInLI | March 24, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    Easily 90+% of all mail that is received at my house is commercial in nature: advertising, donation requests, bills, credit applications, etc.

    Why on earth should any taxpayer have to subsidize LL Bean, Capital One or the local shopping centers via not charging full price for their marketing delivery.

    Charge what it costs to deliver and be done with this whole debate. Full privatization should have been done ages ago.

    Mail delivery? What’s that? 🙂 I say shut it down on Saturdays. Only a very few will miss it.

    Sanddog | March 24, 2013 at 8:40 pm

    I don’t have a problem with cutting out Saturday home delivery.

    But… when people start yapping about how we don’t need a postal service and how we can do everything electronically.. well, that comes with a price. Currently, my business doesn’t accept credit cards. Due to the nature of our services, our customers have a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual rate they are charged. They write a check and I don’t have to pay for a merchant account. It saves me money and in the end, that means they save money as well. The cost to send out invoices could be raised to $.50 for first class mail and it would still be cheaper than paying someone else to process a transaction and deposit my money into my account.

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