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    RNC Report — 100 pages and not a single word about bloggers

    RNC Report — 100 pages and not a single word about bloggers

    The RNC rolled out its 100-page report on what went wrong in 2012 and what could be done better.

    The report has 39,136 words in it.

    One word is missing.

    Tells you everything you need to know.


    RNC Growth and Opportunity Report - search term Blog

    with this:

    Even when the report does mention “social media,” it’s in the context of getting out the vote or having the party apparatus find a better way to reach voters.

    I would not be surprised if the RNC spoke with some of the salaried conservative media class who share the Washington professional circuit.  But did they reach out to the Army of Davids who are the anti-thesis of the consultant model because we mostly don’t get paid or make much money blogging, we do this in our “spare” time, and we are outside D.C.?

    Did the RNC get any input from the great unwashed conservative blogosphere?  You wouldn’t know it from the report if it did:

    We met with, or spoke to more than 2,600 people, both outside Washington and inside the Beltway. We spoke to voters, technical experts, private sector officials, Party members, and elected office holders. We sought out Republicans from all ideological backgrounds. We convened in-depth focus groups with voters in Iowa and Ohio who used to call themselves Republicans, but who left the Party because they thought we weren’t conservative enough or because we were too conservative. We conducted a poll among 2,000 Republican Hispanic voters. We surveyed political practitioners at the state and national level and also conducted a survey of GOP pollsters. We consulted with independent pollsters. And more than 36,000 individuals participated in our online survey to determine priorities and to identify additional volunteers for the Party.

    For the RNC to produce a 100-page report and not have a single mention of the need to interact with and support the conservative blogosphere tells me that the RNC simply has rearranged the deck chairs on the HMS Consultant.

    We may not be all that, but it’s clear that the RNC doesn’t want us to be any part of that.

    This guy gets it:

    Update 3-21-2013 — Someone send me a message that the RNC has spoken with some bloggers and that some of their suggestions made their way into the report. If that’s the case, the RNC clearly was not highlighting such input, and still did not mention the conservative blogosphere at all in the report.


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