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    Prisoner X — Further Questions Not Needed?

    Prisoner X — Further Questions Not Needed?

    This is a follow-up to our posts about Prisoner X.

    Our resident reader from Down Under s_dog sent me this link to Andrew Bolt’s blog, An Israeli tragedy, an Australian silence:

    Greg Sheridan dismisses conspiracy theories in the Ben Zygier case, following the report released by Foreign Minister Bob Carr into Zygier’s death in an Israel prison:

    Good grief, Zygier was visited by his family 50 times in his short 10-month detention in an Israeli prison. He was visited by his lawyers. He was not physically or psychologically abused.

    More than that, he had migrated to Israel, taken out Israeli citizenship, served in the Israeli Defence Force, worked for the Israeli government and married and settled in Israel.

    At no stage did he or his family request any consular assistance from Australia…

    The idea that Australia retains responsibility for them in criminal cases, especially in a democratic country with an independent judiciary such as Israel, and in circumstances where they do not request assistance, is ridiculous…

    Two definitive statements stand out.

    Carr said there was no evidence Zygier was in any way involved in the 2010 assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai, in which Mossad agents used Australian passports.

    Recently, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said ASIO had had no contact whatsoever with Zygier.

    It is extremely unlikely that Carr and Netanyahu would make such statements if they were not true.

    Yet Zygier was held in secrecy in prison for reasons we do not yet know. But for me the silence of his family suggests there is little to be gained in the national interest by demanding answers, much as I’d like them….

    I agree. And I suspect there was a lot more that ASIO knew about Zygier than anyone wants to lay claim to….

    Sounds like Prisoner X got in way over his head on something. What, we may never know.


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    BannedbytheGuardian | March 7, 2013 at 5:43 am

    His family should have fought for him .Why get a submissive inept lawyer when you can call on the backing of a nation ? Deals are made all the time .

    Could have traded some UN votes – Israel might have gotten more thang 8 on the Palestinian vote.

      His family should have fought for him? How do you know they didn’t? How do you know they weren’t so ashamed of what he (presumably) did that they decided to keep quiet?

      What gives you the right to pronounce from on high and smear the reputation of a good family?

      And if you think Avigdor Feldman is a submissive lawyer, well, all I can say is you have shown your pathetically abysmal ignorance of Israel and Israeli politics.

    We are sorry we had the audacity to care about a fellow citizen dying alone in an Israeli cell anonymously. Especially as we wasted a good Masters place on him. Don’t suppose there is a refund?

    N.B. Despite BBtG’s odd and somewhat grandiose affectation — the frequent and liberal use of the Royal “We” — suffice it to say that he/she speaks only for him or herself. BBtG’s thoughts and opinions represent a sample of exactly one, just as anyone else’s do. Please don’t think he or she represents the views of all Australians, any more than one single American opining on an Aussie blog represents the views of all Yanks. Cheers.

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