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    Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic!

    Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic!

    Is what greeted me when I walked in the door tonight.

    And for once, she wasn’t talking about me.

    “What the hell are McCain and Graham doing? I’m disgusted.”


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    ThomasD | March 8, 2013 at 11:15 am

    McCain always relished his ‘maverick’ status. When he would preen for the cameras and talk smack about people on the right. He only got that status because it pleased the media, who were willing to play along and give him the stage his ego demanded.

    Only so long as he took on those they opposed. As soon as he became the opponent of their chosen ‘won’ that love affair ended, and McCain became just another evil rethuglican to be ignored or derided.

    Then along comes Paul, showing what a real maverick is. Someone who is willing to not only go directly at the current administration, but also the long standing policies that led us to this point where Obama/Holder thought themselves above any limits or oversight.

    An effort the media did their level best to ignore.

    So, not only was McCain lashing out as one of those responsible for failing to rein in the questionable, if not odious policies of this executive branch, he was also carry the water of his old friends – the mainstream media – seeking to get back in their good graces and restore order to an upside down world.

    A confused, cranky old man who’s time has passed, but either cannot or will not see.

    2nd Ammendment Mother | March 8, 2013 at 11:24 am

    Somedays it makes you wonder!

    As a former democrat, I am so very proud of Dr. Rand Paul, I donated as much as I could to his campaign.

    As for mccain and his idiot sidekick… STFU!

    I’m very hawkish, but I love the US Consitution and respect its sole purpose of protecting Americans from their govt. Do Mccain and Graham have NO clue how stupid they sound defending Holder’s right to claim drones can be used to kill americans on american soil with no due process???

    And also, where the hell are the demonrats or the lapdog MSM? Not one single sign they even care that the American AG Holder declared its a-ok to assassinate Americans on American soil. These same dems and MSM who eviscerated Bush for wiretapping americans’s phones for calls made to terrorists, and he even required a warrant, which I think made sense.

    So, liberals, please stfu the next time you wanna speak about principles, its pretty clear, you have NONE!

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