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    Obamacare harms colleges, jobs and wages

    Obamacare harms colleges, jobs and wages

    The University of Virginia expects to incur a $7 million bill from Obamacare’s employer penalties, said Susan Carkeek, the University’s vice president and chief human resources officer. “We’re expecting fairly significant cost implications from the Affordable Care Act that pass on new penalties and charges, fees to employers – probably in the order of $7 million a year,” she explained in a recent interview.

    Community colleges across the nation are slashing employee hours to avoid costly Obamacare mandates. For example, “Pennsylvania’s Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) is slashing the hours of 400 adjunct instructors, support staff, and part-time instructors to dodge paying for Obamacare.” Youngstown State University is also “trimming staff hours to avoid Obamacare’s fiscal burden.”

    Other universities are also cutting employee hours, which is “a double whammy” for instructors, who are “facing a legal requirement [under the new law] to get health care and if the college is reducing our hours, we don’t have the money to pay for it,” said an adjunct biology professor.

    Many employers are now cutting full-time workers and replacing them with part-time workers (which helps conceal high unemployment) in order to avoid Obamacare mandates that apply to full-time employees, a phenomenon chronicled at the Huffington Post and on Fox News. Obamacare is causing layoffs in the medical device industry, and will wipe out many jobs. Even liberal Democrats in the Senate, such as Al Franken, are admitting the medical-device tax contained in Obamacare will wipe out many jobs. In a statement in December, “Sen. Al Franken called it a ‘job-killing tax’” that will “impair American competitiveness in the medical device field.”

    Obamacare will also reduce employment by approximately 800,000 through work disincentives and bizarre income-cliffs. Earlier, restaurant chain CEO Andrew Puzder explained how the 2010 health care law is preventing jobs from being created in the restaurant industry, and resulting in layoffs in other industries. John Stossel reported on how Obamacare is stopping businesses from hiring.

    Obamacare is also increasing the number of unnecessary medical tests, driving up medical billings, and wasting doctors’ time. The Dean of Harvard Medical School, Jeffrey Flier, said that Obamacare will reduce life-saving medical innovation.

    Had enough?


    Hans Bader, Esq., is Senior Attorney and Counsel for Special Projects for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and also writes at the blog.


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    SeanInLI | March 22, 2013 at 2:36 am

    Working all as designed. As “evil businesses” cut back on work hours to avoid all the penalties, “progressives” will take to the airwaves to proclaim: “see, evil corporations and fat-cat CEOs with golden parachutes and gold plated private healthcare plans can’t be trusted to be left in charge of something so important: our people’s healthcare. We need to take evil multi-glob-national cheater fatcast out of the equation altogether!”

    And as it was designed all along, voila: single-payer government run healthcare.

    Employers won’t fight having that ever-ballooning line-item taken off their balance sheets. No one will be around to fight it.

    And once you have the government running ~75% of the economy (between Federal, State and Local governments, we’re already looking at ~50% of our current economy), we have a socio-economic situation that the actual self-proclaimed Communists couldn’t have even DREAMED of only 10-20 years ago.

    Working PERFECTLY as designed.

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