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    Ashley Judd

    Ashley Judd

    She will be the progressive cause of 2014.  She will raise tens of millions of dollars from Hollywood and the netroots.  The media will adore her.

    Snarky ads like this one run the risk of backfiring because they will allow her to play victim while trivializing just how out of touch she is:

    It would be a mistake to underestimate her likely candidacy.

    Update: I guess great minds think alike, I had not seen this tweet from about an hour ago before posting:


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    1. A competent Republican campaign would win easily, but never underestimate the Stupid Party’s ability to find a way to lose.

    2. Judd’s candidacy seems quixotic, but such efforts might pay off for Kentucky Democrats in a decade or few. Hopefully Romney’s idiotic 47% remark does not represent—or no longer represents—the thinking of GOP strategists.

    (CORE) VETTE Summer!

    Vette, vette vette these candidates people! Take them VERY SERIOUSLY.

    Go check out a plethora of information on how silly, deranged and loony Miss Ashley is over at

    Ashley has a registered therapy dog she takes everywhere and cats, too. If you question her about her dog(s) she claims you are harassing the disabled.

    So she’s either faking it to fly around with her dogs (and “winter in Scotland”) – or she really does have a psychological disturbance requiring therapy animals.

    …. a perfect Dem candidate, eh?!


    PolitiJim | March 11, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    If by “take her seriously” you mean do what the GOP Establishment always does and start giving her credibility while the libs launch a 24/7 Alinksy ridicule bombardment on our TRULY patriotic candidate – I couldn’t disagree more.

    I disagree with Rove on a lot – but getting out of the gate and driving up her negatives isn’t one of them. She can get money, media and the MSM will protect EVERY move she makes. The only way to even that playing field is to make her ridiculous (which she is) from the onset.

    NeoConScum | March 12, 2013 at 6:02 pm

    Ashley, Darlin’…Gifted actress and, as so many of that right-brained type: AIR in the brainstem for anything else.

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