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    A little late: RNC to hire chief technology officer

    A little late: RNC to hire chief technology officer

    The RNC has announced plans to focus on digital strategy and hire a chief technology officer by May 1, preferably one that “is maybe able to come in and change the way that we think,” according to RNC spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski.

    If Kukowski hadn’t added that last statement in, I might have had some hope. But forgive me for being a little skeptical that the RNC actually wants to change anything about the way it operates, but sure go ahead and hire someone to mimic (yet again) what the left has done before us.

    I’m in the camp of thinking that it’s less of a data problem than a candidate/principles problem when it comes to the Grand Ole Party’s problems.

    Nevertheless, given the failure of ORCA (how I wish I could go back in time to the presentation I sat through from Senator Mark Kirk promising the world with ORCA), it’s clear that basic use of technology couldn’t hurt the RNC.

    The focus on digital strategy is, the New York Times reports, part of a larger reevaluation of the Republican party:

    The digital overhaul is probably just the beginning of the Republicans’ adjustments. On Monday, the party will release a sweeping audit of the 2012 campaign that will include assessments of messaging, fund-raising, campaign mechanics and the primary process – all with an eye toward preparing the R.N.C. for the 2016 campaign.

    Repeating, focus on the principles and the conservatives who are beginning to seethe with resentment toward you, RNC, and you will fix a lot of the “messaging,” technological or otherwise tertiary speed bumps that you’ve identified.


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    The RNC messaging has been McCain-ish and Rovian at best. And we have compromised ourselves into a corner.

    Unless we show oursleves to be different and as uncompromising as Prez One-Note we will not succeed in garnering votes away from the Dems.

    Remember that the current RNC honcho is Reince Priebus, who oversaw the elections of Scott Walker, Cong. Duffy, and Ron Johnson. IOW, Reince has a decent track record.

    As to Pubbie “principles,”–for the most part, they are two: 1) get elected any way possible; and 2) remain elected any way possible. No different with Democrats, of course.

    MaggotAtBroadAndWall | March 13, 2013 at 11:20 am

    Principles are absolutely important. But so is the technology/messaging strategy. We need to up our game on all fronts.

    Look, we need to accept that Obama forever changed how presidential campaigns work.

    Prior to Obama, no president in history would have had the gall to give an interview to a guy who goes by the name “Pimp With the Limp”, during a presidential campaign on the somber occasion of the anniversary of Sept. 11. Of course, conservatives seethed about it and Stewart, Leno, Letterman, and Colbert covered it. Big deal. They reach the same population segments and cover Obama in glory every day. The genius here is that after the Pimp with the Limp interview, EVERY “urban radio” station covered it. That is reaching a whole new segment of low information citizens and potential voters who now saw Obama as one of them. We mocked it, but it was a brilliant campaign stunt. That’s just one example, too. Obama gave dozens of interviews with “non-serious” outlets. Some with a sports focus, many with an “urban and R&B” focus, several Spanish language, etc. The goal was not to talk policy. The goal was to connect with low information citizens and make them think Obama is “cool” and “cares about them”. Obama did not waste his time giving interviews with serious news shows and newspapers because he knew that audience is already informed, very likely to vote, and very unlikely to change their mind about who to vote for.

    Our side has an example, too, but it worked in exactly the opposite, negative way. Ten years ago Todd Akin’s infamous interview would have reached a relatively small segment of the population in eastern Missouri. The St. Louis Compost-Dispatch would have ran a story about it the next day, but it would have been a one day event and almost nobody outside of Missouri would have known about it. Instead, in an era where Think Progress and Media Matters are paid to monitor every single word uttered by a Republican to look for gaffes and then blow the dog whistle to get the leftsphere to pile on, it got a tremendous amount of attention. But the icing on the cake came when Karl Rove and John Cornyn saw an opportunity to nullify the primary election and denounce Akin and push him out. They got every major Republican in Missouri and even our presidential candidate to denounce him and demand he pull out. It became an inter-galactic news story in less than a day and was talked about incessantly for weeks. Akin’s opponent, McCaskill, and Democrats in tight races around the country could have paid a king’s ransom and not been given so much negative Republican media coverage. Not because Akin was accused of corruption or breeched the public trust in any way. His “crime” was suggesting in an obscure interview seen in its initial broadcast by a couple of thousand people in eastern Missouri that he believed pregnancy is less likely to occur after rape. Bill Clinton was accused of rape by Kathleen Willey and it did not get anywhere near the media reaction Akin’s comment received.

    It’s been a new world for a while now. Democrats know how to play in it. Republicans better learn. Fast.

    Henry Hawkins | March 13, 2013 at 11:48 am

    RNC tinkering with the messenger (going 21st century digital) won’t overcome their rejected message.

    The GOP base stayed home by the millions this past November, a fact found everywhere in political news. What I’ve yet to see is the GOP asking them why.

    Oldfogey | March 13, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    Keep it simple is good advice. Log-in and verification are keys to success in a MMO operation remotely reporting results for follow-up. Otherwise there is no follow up; just finger-pointing and crying into beer.

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