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    Whistles are in, self defense is out

    Whistles are in, self defense is out

    At College Insurrection yesterday we posted Wash U. — Rape whistles in, guns still out, about the Whistle Program at Washington University in St. Louis.

    So it was timely that I saw a tweet today about this post by rising star Gabriella Hoffman, Dear Fellow Females: Firearms, Not Rape Whistles, Best Deter Criminals [link fixed]:

    The Left is relentless in their efforts to ban guns. They will stop at nothing to see every law abiding gun owner disarmed and helpless. It is also apparent that the Second Amendment means bupkis to them. Instead of using firearms to deter criminals, leftists have proposed women taking up rape whistles and scissors.


    We’re often told that women shouldn’t be able to handle guns because they’re “scary killing machines,” yet somehow we’re now expected to serve on the front lines. But I digress… Additionally, the Left views women as victims who must rely on the government from cradle to grave (think Life of Julia). What happened to the Left being about so-called women’s empowerment?

    Speaking as a young female, I honestly don’t see how whistling our problems away or using scissors will likely deter a pervert or aggressor from attacking us. Do anti-gun proponents honestly think a criminal will be merciless because their intended victim is going to beg and plead and whistle them away? NO. Criminals are criminals because they don’t follow laws and have the intent of harming people.


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    mbecker908 | February 5, 2013 at 11:28 am

    My son, a USMC veteran, is a senior at a very liberal university. He leads the on-campus veterans group and they are very active in working to serve both veterans in the community as well as serve the campus as a whole.

    The campus is very spread out and in an area that is very hilly and the parking lots are in remote and dark locations. There have been a fairly large number of women – and some men – attacked and the campus has signs promoting a number of “safety” things all over.

    The veterans group took a proposal to the student council, they volunteered to set up a service to escort students or faculty on campus after dark. All participants would pass police background checks and nobody would be armed. The head of the campus police and the chief of police in the surrounding city were both actively supporting the idea.

    The campus feminist organizations went into full estrogen overload. Their representative at the student council was screaming that THEY didn’t need any MEN to protect them. The idea was tabled.

    ” . . . on the street I can only put 7 rounds in a 10 round mag, but at the range, I can load it to the brim.”

    Not here on Oahu. No sirree Bob! We don’t allow anyone at the (government owned) Coco Head shooting range to load more than 5 rounds here, both in magazines and revolvers. Try it and you will be thrown off the range. Stated reason: If someone goes crazy and starts shooting people, s/he will have only five rounds in the gun.

    Really. That’s the reason they gave me. Apparently our enlightened City Council ordered it. I feel so much safer knowing that homicidal maniacs will be ejected if they shoot more than 5 people before reloading.

    The Honolulu City Council proudly defends shooters’ lives.

    And Coco Head is the only outdoor range open to the public on Oahu.

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