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    Victims who have names

    Victims who have names

    One of the saddest stories you will read is the story of Jennifer Morbelli, who died recently along with her unborn daughter during a very late term abortion in Maryland.

    The story originally was reported by Jill Stanek.  In a series of posts, Robert Stacy McCain reported on the story, the tragedy, the abortion doctor’s history, and the media blackout, Media Embargo Slowly Crumbling on Jennifer McKenna Morbelli’s Death:

    Jennifer Morbelli died last Thursday at Shady Grove Hospital in the Maryland suburbs of D.C. after undergoing a gruesome third-term abortion ordeal at Dr. LeRoy Carhart’s Germantown Reproductive Health clinic. A 29-year-old married kindergarten teacher in the affluent Westchester County suburbs of New York, Morbelli had actually named her unborn daughter Madison Leigh, but reportedly decided to seek an abortion in her 33rd week of pregnancy after prenatal testing diagnosed her baby as suffering from a disorder that causes seizures.

    As far as I can tell from the reporting, no one harassed the family, or did anything other than report the story.  Including the names of the victims.

    This put human faces on a horrid story, a real-life reminder of the dangers and horror of late term abortions.

    But apparently names and faces on this story were considered out of bounds for an activist at Fordham (someone you may recall from the Ann Coulter-Fordham debacle), who claimed that Stanek and others reporting the names of the victims could and should be sued, Why Does @BridgetteDunlap Want to Suppress the Truth About Abortion?

    Read the whole thing and the Twitter exchange.  The legal accusations are frivolous.

    The media blackout was broken by bloggers, as it should have been.  The Lower Hudson Journal (yes, that Lohud) now has reported on the funeral which took place on Ash Wednesday, including the names and photos of the family.  USA Today reports on possible lawsuits over the death.

    If late-term abortion is defensible, why try to hide the reality that there are names and faces and lives destroyed, or that there is a doctor who allegedly engages in practices which are dangerous even for late term abortion procedures.

    It’s not an esoteric law school discussion.

    Defend the practice if you can, but don’t deny it.  Or try to silence it.


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    […] Prof. Jacobson rightly called the accusations “frivolous,” but let’s examine in more detail.  Invasion of privacy, according to Barron’s Law Dictionary, is a tort to protect “one’s private affairs with which the public has no concern against unwarranted exploitation or publicity that causes mental suffering or humiliation to the average person.”  So is Dunlap arguing that the public does not have a right to know when a doctor botches surgery and the patient dies? […]

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