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    Coulter on Stossel shows foolishness of Fordham’s cancellation

    Coulter on Stossel shows foolishness of Fordham’s cancellation

    Ann Coulter appeared on the John Stossel show, and the video is getting a lot of attention.  There was a vigorous back and forth on a variety of issues.

    The students in the audience were libertarian, sharing many of the social values of modern liberals without the statist oppressiveness.

    This is the sort of exchange of ideas and challenges to positions which students at Fordham University should have had an opportunity to make last fall.

    That opportunity was taken away after pressure from liberal activists seeking to shut down opposing viewpoints, weak-kneed College Republicans, and an administration playing to the crowd.

    Via Mediaite:

    Maybe I’ll watch the whole show, if I can find it.

    Alternative headline:  “Libertarians, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.”


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    As a former long-time Libertarian Party member (and candidate) I’m torn between them and the Republican Party.

    I, too, have become disenchanted with Ann Coulter in the last several years as well as the Republican Party which I joined in 2004 (both seem much less conservative than I originally thought they were).

    As for Libertarians, few people are aware that some hard-core purists splintered off into the “Boston Tea Party” in 2006 and even ran a candidate for president in 2012 — –so they are not without dissent among themselves, just like Republicans.

    I left that Party finally because I couldn’t shake the terrible feeling I had when their presidential candidate (Harry Browne) blamed America for 9/11…and I also agreed with Larry Elder about their isolationist foreign policy positions.

    punfundit | February 24, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    I don’t have much use for Coulter these days, which is unfortunate, but she made a good point:

    Libertarians (big “L”) need to focus on the issues of welfare/entitlement government instead of pussy footing around with drug legalization (which in part I agree with) and libertinism (most of which I believe should be handled at any level other than federal). Libertarians (big “L”) make a lot of noise about getting government out of people’s lives, but then they run off and gripe about pot and tinfoil hat issues.

    I do consider myself generally libertarian (little “l”), which is why I tend to use the phrase “libertarian/conservative” to identify our mutual movement. But I cannot abide establishment Libertarians (read the Objectivist Collective) who spend the majority of their time trying to be the smartest people in the room while achieving nothing.

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