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    Tyrannysaurus rex

    Tyrannysaurus rex

    My wife repeatedly promises to stop cursing at the television.

    Completely unrelated to that, we didn’t watch the Obama press conference today.

    Via Common Cents, you can watch it for me:

    Mark Levin apparently watched it.  Protein Wisdom has the transcript of Levin’s comments.  Here’s the video:

    Related: Mark Levin is right: Obama is an imperial president.


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    jimposter | January 15, 2013 at 12:33 am

    Barack Obama is like a petulant child, with a low threshold for bratty behavior when he doesn’t immediately get his way.

    His idea of budgeting is similar to that of a teen-ager who is given a credit card that mommy pays every month for him.

    He is exhibit A for the truth that when small men cast big shadows that means the sun is about to set.

    He is so over-matched by the office he needs a ladder to get into the chair behind his desk.

    Even worse, the dysfunctioning electorate who would choose such an ill-qualified and poorly equipped man to lead us is reason enough to question the future of our nation. Either disenfranchise the ignorant and clueless or prepare for a Mad Max style battle for personal survival as our government lurches from one near-wipeout to another like a drunk in an 18 wheeler.

    This is why we need guns.
    Thanks for the blog of the day designation, professor.

    average josephine | January 15, 2013 at 1:18 am

    When Obama used the word “hostage”, I got a cold feeling in my stomach.

    When I saw the O’Connell/Boehner replies accusing Obama of “unseriousness”, I felt ill.

    You know what, Mr. O’Connell and Mr. Boehner? It is fundamentally unserious to respond to the word “hostage” with the word “unserious”. That’s like…

    bringing a Slurpee to a knife fight.

    Take the word “hostage” away from Obama. Use the word “hostage” against Obama. Obama held the middle class tax cuts hostage to tax rises on the rich. Now he’s going to try to hold Social Security checks hostage to a debt ceiling rise.

      jimposter in reply to average josephine. | January 15, 2013 at 8:31 am

      No one with any understanding of how to get a message out uses “unserious” as a word as Boehner did. It is one of those terms that slows down enthusiasm and sucks from the room any hope of getting a point across.

      Accuse your opponent of mocking the American people, remind he who claims that the people agree with him that the people also elected a Republican controlled House that doesn’t agree with him. Get in his face….but please no such terms as “unserious.” Boehner might as well have suggested that Obama’s rhetoric was “not optimal.” It means nothing and is a rhetorical placeholder, waiting for something substantive to come along and fill in the blank.

      It is ever so disturbing that the GOP raises to the level of leadership those whose qualification is knowing how to work the club rules to be appointed grand poobah. The GOP is more a club than a political party nationally.

      I would think that defeating someone who appoints Joe “Abby Normal” Biden as head of his gun control brain trust would be possible. Apparently not.

    We have a sleep walker in McConnell. But we have an idiot in Boehner — truly.

    Umm, say Professor WJ, something tells me that your lovely other half, has just arrived on the national stage.

    Posted at 11:22 pm

    My wife repeatedly promises to stop cursing at the television.”

    First The Governorship-Then The White House

    Great bumper sticker, eh?

    OH, will you head her campaigns? 🙂

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