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    The real cost of immigration “reform” — our freedoms

    The real cost of immigration “reform” — our freedoms

    Rather than enforcing our current laws, and for purposes of political expediency, we are moving toward another vast expansion of federal government monitoring and information collection.

    Look at what we are going to have to do in order to not hold people who came here illegally accountable for their unlawful actions (from the Framework announced today).  Some of these things are not new, just “improved” variations of monitoring the population, including more rigorous checks not only of who enters, but who exits, and also who is working where.  At least no one is yet proposing exit visas in addition to entry visas.

    Remember, in order to collect information on illegals, the government needs also to collect information on legals.  This all may be “necessary,” but at least recognize what illegal immigration and its “reform” is costing us in terms of our personal privacy.

    Increasingly we are becoming a nation monitored and watched at every level and in every place, from the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans, white with foam:

    Additionally, our legislation will increase the number of unmanned aerial vehicles and surveillance equipment, improve radio interoperability and increase the number of agents at and between ports of entry. The purpose is to substantially lower the number of successful illegal border crossings while continuing to facilitate commerce.

    * * *

    Our legislation will require the completion of an entry-exit system that tracks whether all persons entering the United States on temporary visas via airports and seaports have left the country as required by law.

    * * *

    Our proposal will create an effective employment verification system which prevents identity theft and ends the hiring of future unauthorized workers. We believe requiring prospective workers to demonstrate both legal status and identity, through non-forgeable electronic means prior to obtaining employment, is essential to an employee verification system; and,

    The employee verification system in our proposal will be crafted with procedural safeguards to protect American workers, prevent identity theft, and provide due process protections.

    I think I’ve seen this movie before:


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    grivetti | January 29, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    as a former state’s attorney in cornfield hell (that would be Illinois outside the corrupt north) I cant understand how we can reward lawbreakers. If we have to be “compassionate” and not break up the illegal families, would it not be best to say that if you committed a felony by coming here illegally you can NEVER be a citizen, but you can gain permanent residence. That would not reward acknowledged criminals. but still allow the reality of their situation and residence to be accommodated. Which would be compassionate without rewarding lawbreaking, and impose an real penalty for their actions

    Always suspicious when somebody plays the sympathy card (overdone kindness or compassion). It’s too easy a ploy to make the other side feel guilty. And since that overweights the issue with emotion it’s harder to be rational and clear and determine a right or wrong. There’s no question an illegal committed a wrong. If this country puts any pride in its judicial system these criminals should pay for their crime. Until then no citizenship and no entitlements.
    But if they want to shop while they’re here – hell we can use some more cash in the drawer. Love those spenders. Keeps the economy growing. Better they’re spending here than in Mexico. Barry’s got that right – alien economics – there’s a good citizen!

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