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    Friday Night Newt

    Friday Night Newt

    What better way to end the work week than Newt beating up on an journalist, I mean Piers Morgan.

    Brings back such good memories.

    Via Hot Air, Newt suggesting that gun control hearings be held in Chicago:


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    TrooperJohnSmith | January 26, 2013 at 8:43 am

    Why the heck didn’t Newt correct Morgan when he alleged the Sandy Hook killer used an AR15?

    Also, the idiot in Aurora had a magazine malfunction, because a 100-round magazine is not mechanically reliable, hence you’ll never see one in combat.

    And nobody can “kill a hundred people a minute” with a semi-automatic weapon. No. Way.

    The greater risk of mass murder, of organized mass murder, is from government. Particularly upon an unarmed population.

    This is the context of banning the government from banning guns in the hands of the citizens who created the government.

    It necessarily leaves open the perpetually troubling question of when a government has gone rouge.

    What about stopping no-knock raids that seem to hit wrong addresses or lead to gratuitous slaughter? Should a cop be treated as no better than an intruder when they engage in non-knock raids?

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