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    We are pleased to announce the launch of Elizabeth Warren Wiki (, the most comprehensive source of information and documentation with regard to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth A. Warren.

    Elizabeth Warren Wiki home page 1-30-2013

    The site originally was conceived, days before the 2012 election, as The Elizabeth Warren File, a place where we could collect the massive amount of research compiled by people such as Cherokee Genealogist Twila Barnes and her team, Michael Patrick Leahy of, The Boston Herald, and others including Legal Insurrection.

    Given the likelihood that Warren would continue to be a national political figure regardless of the election outcome, we didn’t want this information to get lost from the public view.  It was particularly important to have it all in one place given the mainstream media and left-blogosphere willingness to overlook or excuse the negatives in Warren’s history.

    Over time, however, we began to question whether a regular website format was the best vehicle.  We began to consider and do initial preparation for a Wiki-style format.

    Our format decision was made for us when we noticed that Warren’s Wikipedia page had been ethnically cleansed of the embarrassing information regarding her claim to be Cherokee.  The Wikipedia page remains inaccurate and incomplete, the result of an edit war supporters of Warren appear to have won, at least for the moment.

    We decided that our Wiki would be a much more comprehensive and balanced alternative to Wikipedia.  We will present the good about Warren and her career, along with the negatives.  We collect the information, you decide.  Here is the Table of Contents at launch:

    Elizabeth Warren Wiki Table Contents 1-30-2013

    Consider Elizabeth Warren Wiki a work in progress.  That is the point of a Wiki.

    We will continue to add sections providing greater details and documentation as to Senator Warren’s campaign for Senate, campaign and Senate staff members, professional background, and government service.

    Elizabeth Warren Wiki took a lot of effort and was a group project.  Special thanks to Aleister from American Glob (who also helps at College Insurrection) without whose help the Wiki still would be pending rather than published.

    Ed Burns also custom designed a WordPress template so that we did not have to master the MediaWiki software and could use the more familiar WordPress content management.  Ed has designed many custom features for Legal Insurrection.

    On to the next project, as soon as we figure out what it will be.

    Update:Warren’s probably not afraid of a little wiki.”


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    Henry Hawkins | January 30, 2013 at 11:08 am

    Excellent, awesome, indicative of leadership. Congratulations!

    Love it! Finally, a conservative who’s showing some digital savvy!

    We call this ‘Link Sculpting/SEO’ in my industry. That means crafting search engine results by capturing high traffic words in sites like a Wiki.

    Marketing trends show that consumers are increasingly consulting search engines for corroborating information (negative or positive) prior to making a purchasing decision.

    No different for voters. Great step, LI.

      Henry Hawkins in reply to Aucturian. | January 30, 2013 at 12:49 pm

      Yup. 80-90% of my business comes from all over the US, making marketing way too expensive by traditional methods of TV, radio, etc. So I began asking each out-of-state client how they found my business, which is a highly specialist thing, a very tiny niche. They search engined it. What keywords did you use? Two or three keywords emerged as the far most common, so I redid my website and incorporated those keywords into my URL. Now, I’m the #1 return, top of page one, on searches at Google, etc.

    LukeHandCool | January 30, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    She is a beauty !!!!!!!

    […] is what I was teasing about last night. I promised William Jacobson I wouldn’t tell anyone about it before the launch. I’m proud to say I played a role in […]

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