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    Today in dumb left-wing equivalencies

    Today in dumb left-wing equivalencies

    Left-wing blog finds single example of Christian violence over film almost 25 years ago in France

    We have had an epidemic problem of violence directed at people perceived as insulting Islam stretching back over 30 years.  That violence is part of a greater Islamist and Jihadist struggle against the West, and encompasses attacks on Christians, Jews and other religious minorities throughout the Middle East.

    Sometimes the violence does not even require an insult, as in the case of Daniel Pearl.

    That truth is an uncomfortable narrative for the left wing in America, which generally is allied with Islamists against Israel and the West, notwithstanding the obvious ironies.

    So how should a left-wing blog react to the wave of violence across the Middle East on the flimsy pretext of a YouTube video few people ever saw produced by some guy no one ever heard of?

    Find examples of similar Christian violence driven by a film.

    Susie Madrak at Crooks and Liars blog found one example, some group which threw a molotov cocktail at a movie theater in France in 1988:

    While listening to all the outraged right wing rantings about free speech and how Muslims were a separate, primitive class of religion for their outraged and violent response in Libya to the deliberately provocative work of a California porn director, I kept thinking to myself, “Why does this all seem so familiar?”

    And then, last night I watched Martin Scorcese’s 1988 film, “The Last Temptation of Christ”, and it all came flooding back. From Wikipedia:

    On October 22, 1988, a French Christian fundamentalist group launched Molotov cocktails inside the Parisian Saint Michel movie theater while it was showing the film. This attack injured thirteen people, four of whom were severely burned ….

    Lesson of the day: No religion has a monopoly on irrational violence.

    Well, it is a truism that no religion has a “monopoly on irrational violence.”   That hardly makes the two situations equivalent.

    Presumably if one searched hard enough there might be other examples of Christian violence over a movie or book in the last 30 years, but you will have to do some searching.   To find Islamist violence, one only need pick up the newspaper.

    Here’s an easy test.

    Where would you feel more safe in 2012, at a screening of The Last Temptation of Christ, or a public reading of the Satanic Verses or a showing of that video no one had heard about until a few days ago?

    (image via Blazing Cat Fur, related story at Twitchy)


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    I don’t have time to read all of the comments but here is the difference the leftists are missing. When Muslims attack someone for blasphemy they are acting in accordance with the tenets of their religion. When a Christian does it he is acting at odds with the teachings of his religion.

    I am not a religious man but even I know that you can’t lump all belief systems together. Just because you can find an adherent of a belief or philosophy who does something wrong in its name it doesn’t make the belief or philosophy suspect unless the act is in accordance with those beliefs or is required by them.

    […] murderous riots of bitter, bible- and gun-clinging Christians … … See the original post: Today in dumb left-wing equivalencies – Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion ← Pastor Alex's Sermon Carryouts: What Is […]

    DINORightMarie | September 17, 2012 at 8:42 am

    To follow onto @Voluble’s comment:

    The other main difference is that the violent actions of a group or individuals claiming Christianity is that these acts are immediately condemned by both the Christian community and the government/law enforcement as illegal and immoral acts. Most Christian leaders speak out quickly and vociferously condemning the violent actions of the individuals, as un-Christian.

    The imams, governments and other “leaders” do not condemn the violent acts of these Muslim mobs: the rapes, the murders, the rioting and destruction. In fact, most encourage and praise these acts…..or at least remain silent, which implies approval and consent. It can even be argued that Islam followers are following their religion, with many sura’s and Muslim tenets to support the assertion. Not to mention the videos of imams and leaders encouraging such barbarians.

    No. Nothing at all alike.

    Not in any rational, logical, coherent way. Only by twisting logic and reason into pretzel logic can it even be asserted; certainly not accepted as rational or acceptable comparisons.

    What I have noticed, arguing with liberals for the better part of several decades, is that they all too easily treat anomalies as commonplace, while paying lip service or completely ignoring what actually is commonplace.

    I’m sure there is a psychological condition for this.

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