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    The love that dare not shut up

    The love that dare not shut up

    My wife went to an extremely liberal high school, and for whatever her reason, is Facebook friends with many classmates who now are certified members of the Obama cult of personality.

    It is a never ending source of amazement how deeply these people, now in their 50s, are addicted to love of Obama.

    Mankind has no greater love known than that of upper class liberals for Obama. It is the love that dare not shut up.

    Today she spotted this photo posted by one of these “friends” and had to show me:

    The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan is one of the first albums I ever listened to.  I’m pretty sure I’ve played some of the songs here before.

    There is a song on that album which I think fits this election season.


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    “Love” of Obama is a love of a adolescent fantasy. Period.
    The children of these people will have a righteous grievance against their parents one day, for destroying their futures.

    AND, shouldn’t it be the “Freeloading Barack Obama?”

    Their adulation of the Obama’s is a result of their joy at being able to “prove” they aren’t redneck mouth breathing bigots like the Republicans.

    That’s usually what most positions liberals take is all about; making themselves feel good, superior, smarter, cleverer, more deserving of life than the hoi polloi (i.e. everyone not liberal/progressive who doesn’t think like them).

    Liberals are snobs or at least wannabe snobs.

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