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    Reader Poll – Will Bill Clinton have Obama’s back?

    Reader Poll – Will Bill Clinton have Obama’s back?

    Bill Clinton is giving the keynote address Wednesday night at the DNC.

    Apparently Clinton has refused to submit his speech text for review.

    What’s your guess, full throttled support for The One, throw The One under the bus, or something in between.  Admittedly it’s hard to know with Clinton, since he may use words which do not have as clear a meaning in reality as they sound at the time.

    So, give your best guesstimate, from worst (“1”) to best (“10”) how much Clinton’s speech will actually support The One.

    Poll open until noon Wednesday.  Remember, “1” is worst, “10” is best.


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    I think Bill will give a good speech, and by doing so, (in fact, just his presence on the podium) will remind people very starkly the difference between Clinton and Obama, both in $$ terms and stature. Amazing that Obama has to go backwards to go “forward.”

    Crapgame13 | September 5, 2012 at 11:09 am

    If Bill wants the party to support Hillary in 2016, he has to give a good showing of the Democrat “brand”

    I think he’s going to do that while not even mentioning Obama. That way if Obama fails, he’s not really a “democrat”

    “Will Bill Clinton have Obama’s back?”


    Only while he’s sticking a knife in it. 😀

    BarbaraS | September 5, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    It is curious that he wouldn’t submit his speech for monitoring. Only Bill could get away with this. They must need him desperately. And, with Bill, who knows what he will say.

    Benson II | September 5, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    As much as we would all love Clinton to make some offhand remark to hurt Obama we can’t forget Clinton is a liberal Democrat and believes in everything Obama is doing. There’s nothing in for Bubba to stray off the reservation and Bubba never does anything that isn’t to his advantage. He likes to make a little stir now and then with TV interviews but when it comes to the convention he not only believes the party line he’ll forward it as long as he doesn’t think it will hurt him. Just like Obama it’s all about him. You have to think this way to be a liberal because liberal policies harm others.

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