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    Pain Night at DNC (Update – Reader Poll added)

    Pain Night at DNC (Update – Reader Poll added)

    This is going to be a painful night to sit through.

    We will have to sit through 20 or so minutes of Liz Warren giving her standard lashing of business and Republicans, playing the holier than thou card.  There are few prominent politicians less deserving of such a role.  Some late entries on Warren:

    As for Bubba, I voted “9” in the poll as to how strongly he will support Obama. I may have been overly cautious. I expect Obama to join him on stage and raise their hands together in unity.

    As soon as Clinton is done I’ll post the same poll again, again assessing how strongly Clinton supported Obama.

    Update — Warren’s speech was flat, didn’t come across well on television, she wasn’t on her game.   Kept talking about people rigging system.  No rock star status tonight.

    Update No. 2 — Here is the Reader Poll. I changed the wording slightly since it’s after the fact, and there is no doubt Clinton strongly supported Obama. I was right, Obama joined Clinton on stage.

    The Question now is how effective Clinton was in supporting Obama. Poll open until 2 p.m. Eastern on Thursday.


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    Henry Hawkins | September 6, 2012 at 11:08 am

    Bill Clinton: “President Obama can’t run on his own record, so we’ve decided to lend him mine…”

    YourMaster | September 7, 2012 at 5:02 am

    there’s been no bounce for obama so far from his DNC convention/speech. …If this is telling obama has some serious problems and looks to be losing ground slowly to Romney. maybe it’s too soon to say tho… how long does it take for a president normally to get one from a convention?

    …but also the timing was pretty poorly thought out… Most people I know were tuning into football. that takes priority over such… so it’s REALLY bad to hold a convention that day because virtually no one was watching cept for hardcore leftists.

    I actually heard Clinton’s speech abd it sounded decent, but I don’t like that he defended 0bama… and couldn’t understand how he could in any way shape or form make any excuses for him …especially when he was caught saying while hilary was making her run for the presidency in 2008 ‘that 0bama wouldn’t even be good enough to carry his bags, let alone be president.’ …if clinton is as smart as they say… I would think he would see obama as a total failure and that he has to go in 2012. if anything, I’d also think he still would be inclined to sabotage Obama’s 2012 chances rather than help him. …at the going rate it would appear obama is set to slowly lose in november…

    I saw something else… michael moore predicts Romney will win 2012 …mostly because of the huge funds he recieves. it seems the lefty base isn’t at all happy with the disappointment that obama has brought to the office… and that is slowly starting to show …bush tax cuts was one of the things the libs just were furious about… and obama extended them, and didn’t deliver on 99% of his promises so most libs may just stay home and not vote like in 2010. *l* which would be awesome…

    nothing like seeing 0bama cring on election night and having to say the words: “I concede to romney.”

    on a sidenote… there’s an awesome game you all should check out called X-com Enemy unknown, they show some of the gameplay on youtube at:

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