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    National Empty Chair Day (photos from around country)

    National Empty Chair Day (photos from around country)

    UPDATE – No new submissions being accepted for now, the response was so overwhelming that there’s already a huge backlog.

    Today is the impromptu National Empty Chair Day, which I covered on Saturday night when a reader alerted me to the idea.  At the time there were about a half dozen tweets from @YouTooCongress, but little other attention.

    Through the efforts of Prof. Glenn Reynolds, Michael Patrick Leahy of, Michelle Malkin, Twitchy, and many others in the right blogosphere, National Empty Chair Day has spread far and wide in about 24 hours.

    A.F. Branco has created a logo (feel free to use):

    The Twitter hastag is #EmptyChairDay.  A Facebook page Eastwooding Obama (added, also National Empty Chair Day) has been set up.

    Reader submissions are encouraged, and will be posted in our sole discretion.  Only photos taken by readers themselves which have not already been published elsewhere (except the reader’s own blog) will be posted here.  No Photoshops.

    (If we get any campus photos, they’ll be posted over at College Insurrection.)

    Please include name and town/state (only first name will be published with photo) by email via the contact page.  (note added)  If you do not include name and town/state the photo will not be run.

    Here’s the one that started it all, from Sandy Daze from Virginia Beach, VA:

    People did not wait for today, and started sending photos yesterday.  (Boston radio host Michael Graham already had reserved a empty seat for Elizabeth Warren on Friday!)

    From commenter VonBeck2, who writes from flooded Louisiana:

    “My dad lives in Laplace, LA. He experienced flooding during the recent hurricane that passed through this area. This is the first time that his home has flooded. This is significant because his house didn’t flood during Hurricane Katrina…. So all of that money spent has the effect of just flooding somebody else.

    Here’s my contribution to the empty chair meme. This was taken today as I went to check on him. The water has receded some but it is still to high to restore electricity to his neighborhood, which. is a big deal in the deep south. So I was thinking where is Obama. Not in Laplace, La. I wonder if he is having fun campaigning while the suburbs drown.”

    From Darren, who writes “Couldn’t wait for tomorrow….”:

    From Jeanne in Fort Worth, TX, who writes “Count me in for Monday’s ‘Empty Chair Day’ campaign. However, I’m so keen that I’m starting on Sunday! My sign says “Make My Day! Fire Obama On November 6th.” Wouldn’t it be great to see an entire neighborhood with empty chairs in front of every home?”

    From Matt in Topanga, CA:

    From Maria in Gladstone, NJ, who writes: “Here is my empty chair photo. It’s (almost) as broken as our economy! Love your website, keep up the good work!”

    From Rob in Owasso, OK:

    From commenter creeper in Comanche, Iowa,, who writes “I am SO ready. Here’s mine. I’m particularly proud of the “teleprompter”…a floor lamp and plastic top from a Kodachrome slide box. Bring it on!”

    From RiverRat Tom in Cedar Park, TX:

    From Bill in Mountain Home, ID, who writes “The flag is laid with the field of blue towards to ground to signify our nation’s distress”:

    From Chuck and Patty in Tonasket, WA, who write: “Ok it’s a camp chair but this is Okanogan County. One of the biggest counties in the country and only four traffic lights”:

    From Keith in Flossmoor, IL, who writes: “I’m a big fan of your blog & have been following you for some time.  Wanted to submit my ’empty chair’ entry in the hope it makes your blog.”

    From Miles in Wright City, MO, who writes: “The flag is out and so is the chair, which has been empty for a long while.”

    From Steve in Chesterfield, MO, who writes: “Ready for National Empty Chair Day on Monday? I am! Attached shot just taken in front of my house [in] Chesterfield, MO. Labor Day has been cancelled due to lack of jobs. Builds on Clint Eastwood’s remarks.

    From Dave in Uniontown, OH:

    From Debbie in Homewood, IL, whose note on the chair quotes Clint Eastwood: “When somebody is not doing the job, we have to let him go.”

    From Susan in Missouri City, TX, outside the play house for her granddaughters:

    From Allen in Lexington, KY, who writes, “Prof Jacobson, what better way to hold Labor Day, for the 23 million unemployed under Obama. …thank you Mr. Eastwood, it took a day or two for most to understand, but your demonstration will be remembered for years!”

    From Brenda in Coleridge, NE, who writes “Mr. Eastwood is just thrilling, a thousand thank you’s are not enough.”

    From Jacey from Waterford, WI, at her blog The Pablum, titled “America tossed aside …”:

    …. and more to come.  Please be patient at the Legal Insurrection graphic arts and web production departments are, um, on vacation today.

    John in the “backwoods” of North Carolina:

    Vicki in Naperville, IL, who writes: “I’m a long-time daily reader of your site and appreciate so much all the work you do. Anyway, here’s my empty chair photo. There’s a bit of a red, white and blue color scheme…”

    From Joe in Austin, TX:

    From Michael in Overland Park, KS, who writes: “keep up the good work, thanks!”

    From Andi in Lafayette, LA:

    From Rachel, who writes: “From an American living in Singapore! This is a truly empty chair! Perfect for the childish nature of the current administration!”

    From Larry in Arvada, CO, who writes: “Should be readable, but plaque on chair reads, “Prez, MIA 2/2009” (mocking the tweet picture he sent out showing chair w plaque). The picture mocks his promise to be bipartisan. This was fun to set up, so thanks much!”

    From Suzette in Aberdeen, NJ:

    From Grant in Lynchburg, VA (looks like some subversive material on that chair):

    From Barbara in Treasure Island, FL:

    From Scott in Columbia, SC, who writes: “Heard about it just now…..rather , just read about this thanks to twitchy. here is my empty chair. Thank you!”

    From Michele in Grand Rapids, MN:

    From Nate in Woodbridge, VA, who writes: “Notice the change?”

    From Dan, who writes: “Great way to keep the meme alive! Here’s my contribution, from deep in the belly of the beast (Ann Arbor, MI).”

    ADDITIONAL PHOTOS IN NEW POST, National Empty Chair Day Photos, Part 2


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    Scaramanga | September 16, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    Great Pics! hahahah
    check this empty chair app out-

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