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    Let this weekend motivate you even more

    Let this weekend motivate you even more

    So is the panic over yet?

    It shoud be, because there never was a reason for panic to begin with.  Operation Demoralize went viral at the urging of the mainstream media, some Republicans and conservatives caught the fever, and for a weekend people lost their minds.

    Remember what got us here.  Has any of that changed?

    Joel Pollak posts at, We have not yet begun to fight:

    But we have not yet begun to fight–and if we go down, we go down fighting.

    Pollak links to this video of Andrew Breitbart (language warning):

    The Dog Whistle election, that’s for sure. All of this was predictable, so don’t fall for it.

    Keep pushing with everything you have.  It’s working, or the other side wouldn’t feel the need to keep telling you it’s not, they’d be content to let the election play out.



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    Kenshu Ani | September 10, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    I don’t know why any pundit uses polling, unless they are trying to drive a specific narative. Polls, particularly ones based on a future event, are crap.

    Almost one week ago, I predicted that the external polls of the Democrats would have a bump. This prediction was made prior to Democrats booing God, Obama’s supposed dull speech (I didn’t listen to it), and the horrible jobs report on Friday. Guess what, the external polls from the Democrat Propaganda Team, a.k.a “The Media”, show a bump for Obama. I’m shocked, shocked.

    If you really want to guess the outcome of the race, look for other factors: 2016: Obama’s America, on its opening weekend was third for box office rankings, in summer and in fewer theaters. Seriously, that fact is huge.

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