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    Legal Insurrection 2016

    Legal Insurrection 2016

    I finally saw 2016: Obama’s America in Ithaca Saturday night.

    I can see how our friend judged it an Omg!  Had I not followed Obama so closely since 2008 and instead relied mainly on the mainstream media, almost everything in the film would have come as a shock.

    So I can’t myself respond Omg!  Instead my feeling was Depressing!

    Dinesh D’Souza found a theory — the anti-colonialist ideology of Obama’s Kenyan absentee father — which explains Obama.  I found the theory interesting, but unnecessary.

    There are plenty of left-wing politicians and academics who share the same desire to bring American down several notches, who accept the rise of Islamists as necessary to counter the West and Israel, and who view government as a tool for redistribution of wealth both domestically and internationally … and who did not have an anti-colonial Kenyan father.

    Whether Obama is a product of his desire to emulate his father’s anti-colonialism, or just another leftist product of our educational system and a left-wing upbringing, the result is the same.  We have a disaster on our hands.

    The film demonstrates how Obama cunningly used race both for his advancement and to deflect scrutiny of his ideology.

    I did not need this movie to know that.  Almost four years ago I saw that Obama’s use of race as a political weapon was the defining byproduct of the 2008 campaign

    The most depressing aspect of the film was the cover-up by the mainstream media. Obama was the least vetted candidate ever, someone with associations which would have been disqualifying for anyone else.

    That too was no surprise.  In October 2008 I started this blog with a post arguing that we were on the verge of electing what was behind the proverbial Door No. 2, an unknown with troubling associations.

    I knew of Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, but until this movie knew almost nothing about Franklin Marshall Davis.  I had seen the name, but had no clue of Obama’s close connection; that’s how complete the media silence has been, that even someone who thought he was aware, actually was not.

    With Obama we had a media not of lapdogs, but of guard dogs.

    We can’t let that happen again.  But it is, right before our very eyes.

    It would be easy to be fatalistic after seeing this movie.  I’m sure that was not D’Souza’s purpose.  Rather consider it a warning, and a call to action.


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