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    If there’s anything left

    If there’s anything left

    of America by the time we take over.

    Taken in Deerfield Beach, Florida, during the week of the Democratic Convention:

    When you’re not in Charlotte, serve as a troop reinforcement by turning yourself into a walking bumper sticker decrying the “Republican War On America.”

    Notice the shopper’s use of the future tense.

    I think the empty chairs and fading Obama poster imagery are getting to the Democrats, at least in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Isn’t she assuming that someone else is going to be sitting in the now unoccupied chair–someone who will NOT be staring up at a faded Obama poster?

    From Sara, a Friend of the Blog


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    Just another ignorant dim having the rug pulled out from under them unknowingly. They only watch the alphabet chennels and newspapers and magazines and get their facts (or rather don’t get their facts) from them. This is the moron group. Gee, won’t people like this woman be surprised if obama succeeds in turning us into a communist country and have the government tell them what they can and can’t do. Or what foods they can eat and what jobs they can have with no chance of advancing.

    Fuquay Steve | September 14, 2012 at 10:17 am

    I think she’s had too many big gulps. Don’t worry, that’ll get fixed in the obummers next term.

    I got my T-shirt on. It says “Fat Stupid Women Suck”.

    The cause of our crisis is progressive (i.e. cultural) corruption. While corruption in the exception may mimic fundamental corruption, it is not the root cause of America’s maladies. The former enables and defends the latter.

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