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    If the tape doesn’t knock Romney out, the media narrative is toast

    If the tape doesn’t knock Romney out, the media narrative is toast

    What will the media do?  It has invested everything in the tape.

    But there is a pretty fierce counterpunch being delivered on talk radio, on Twitter, in the blogosphere, and even on television when allowed.

    There is good reason to believe that Obama’s post-convention bounce already is unbouncing, via Ace:

    In the beginning of the bounce, it was thought that Obama’s lead would grow over the next week, as the seven-day track included days from before DNC. Ergo, as those relatively bad days for Obama dropped off the track, we could expect the lead to grow.

    Which is about what happened.

    But now the best days of this track, for Obama, come earlier in the track, and will soon be dropping out of it.  Meaning that Obama’s one point lead will probably vanish, and Romney might even go ahead by a point or two.

    If the media cannot knock Romney out over the tape, it’s a new ballgame and Romney will have the momentum.

    Don’t be disheartened, be encouraged. The moment of weakness shown by some Republican commentators will pass.


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    Zinovy Roark | September 18, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    I have a dream that about the third week of January, 2013 the US Marshalls will be summoned to extract someone from the premises at the White House. Who will it be and for what reason? Even when and if he loses, the commander-in-thief will pronounce his belief in redistribution for years to come. Private property only belongs to him; not you. If the truth about “47%” doesn’t resonate positively on November 6th, then we as a nation have lost more than we know or suspect.

    Just a thought: What if the tape was an October surprise that had to be pulled out early to distract from the disastrous results of Obama’s Middle East policy? The tape was from May, it’s now mid-September. The tape was a big bullet, no doubt (see hysterical Republican elite). So why now? When Obama was supposedly riding his convention bounce to certain victory?

    Well…the sight of an American ambassador being hauled out of a charred building, brutally murdered and his body desecrated in the streets, along with the black flags of our enemies unfurled over our embassies, on 9/11 (!!!), would probably justify the use of the tape now to distract from the administration’s unfathomably reckless policies that not only invited the attacks but ensured their success.

    And distract it has. But now subsequent events like Romney’s counter-attacks, Corn’s edit, John Sununu (smile) and so forth have time to play out. And the debates are yet to come instead of being past.

    There are undoubtedly more bullets in the clip, but they had to use a big one, maybe THE big one, before they probably wanted to. So if it doesn’t knock Romney out, and so far it hasn’t (it’s hilarious how much “Obama-47%” is showing up in the current polls), might this be at the very least an inside-baseball win for Romney?

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