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    Embarrassing even for Dick Durbin

    Embarrassing even for Dick Durbin

    At least this time Dick Durbin didn’t go all Godwin on us like he did last time.

    Even though Democrats do seem to be throwing around Nazi analogies out of frustration, Durbin didn’t go there.

    But this was embarrassing, even for the senior Senator from Illinois.

    When I saw it last night live I could not help but wonder how sad it must be to have to be a senior Democrat these days defending the indefensible.

    Is Durbin headed into DWS territory soon?

    (video via Capitalist Preservation)


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    Midwest Rhino | September 5, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    Word came to Brett Baier that it was Obama that wanted them put in … but of course he must have known they were taken out. Or maybe the buck stops with Valerie Jarret, then when the sheet hit the fan, she put out the press release that it was brave Obama that wanted it put back in.

    Several other things about Israel were left out still, but I forget what exactly. Krauthammer listed at least three he thought were significant.

    My favorite part is Durbin ranting that Baier should focus on important things. If Baier were more unprofessional (like me), he would have said “Like passing a budget?”

    texasron | September 6, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    It was very obvious that the verbal NOS were louder than the AYES for the three votes to amend the Democrat platform. The delegates did not want to re-introduce God nor Jerusalem to the platform but the Chairman accepted the AYES over their objection. This is a good example of how Democrats would hold elections if they could. They acted just like any dictatorial leader does.

    I’m sure the original platform without God or Jerusalem was created with much thought by the DNC. This amendment was made only after an uproar in the electorate. Are the Democrats just being hypocritical by adding the words “God” and “Jerusalem”? I don’t think they really believe what they say.

    This fiasco shows that the Democrat Party is Godless, Sen. Durbin.

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