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    Composite acceptance speech

    Composite acceptance speech

    I just tuned in to hear Chains Biden tell the already debunked story about Obama’s mother fighting with the insurance company, and relating how that story reflects what makes Barack tick and who he is.  What a perfect start to the night.

    A presidency built on myth and composite truth.  What in the old days they called lies.

    Update: My summary of the Obama speech:

    Below is my stream of tweetedness throughout the night:


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    composited acceptance speeches
    compost heap of septic leeches
    capo di tutti capi capon
    dreams from father copied, cape on.

    diktat first term exec order
    sanctimonied hate group sorter
    scheme to scuttle Christian, Jew
    freedom, market, in term two.

    broken Dollar empty stores
    starving dogs let slip for wars
    western civ all burnt to embers
    no one left but Party Members.

    I saw one thing, from start to finish, during the DNC that could possibly provide a bounce and that was Scarlet Johannson’s tits.

    Henry Hawkins | September 7, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    Well, I heard President Obama’s speech and was totally surprised by him – and ashamed of myself. I now realize all he’s been up against and how unrealistic it has been for me to expect miracles, hell, to expect anything, given the headwinds of transigent Republican opposition for the sake of opposition.

    Now that I understand Bush’s complicity for the thousands of jobs lost every month, I can give Obama full credit for the dozens of jobs he creates every month.

    As a small business owner, I admit my sin of faulting my own government for excessive and repressive taxes, and for the mountain of regulations I have to study near-daily to keep up with. I now recognize government mentoring is all for my own good. Indeed, concern for ‘my own good’ is grievously selfish and ought never to enter the equation.

    I’ve come to understand Obama’s great vision for our country and can see no other way forward than to do whatever I can to support its implementation.

    Most important, I now officially accept Barack Obama as my personal savior.

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