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    Best of the WORST

    Best of the WORST

    Memo to File:

    From: reader Tom in San Diego, CA
    Location: Shopping Mall parking lot

    Concise and to the point. I like that.


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    counsel4pay | September 21, 2012 at 11:48 am

    [To the A$$hat We Reject as “The Won”]
    What do you say, as your fame fades away,
    Will you blame “fickle fate” for your loss?
    What can you do, when the “faithful” you knew,
    Turn away and seek some other “boss”?
    You were feted and flattered–a “savior” they claimed.
    “We are whom we awaited,” you cried!
    With teleprompter on, and sneer firmly in place,
    Few really knew that you lied.
    The lies came so fast–you were sure they must last,
    After all, you had carefully planned,
    To subvert and destroy the Republic you loathed,
    Would be done in four years at your hand!
    We all started so well, on your “highway to hell”,
    You and yours set a record for fraud.
    The “apology tour” was a total success!
    We suspect even Satan was awed.
    The lies kept improving, your policies moving,
    Us closer and closer to our crash.
    “Kill our oil”; “run on wind”; “we’ll let everyone in”,
    And those “seniors”?—so sad we don’t have the cash!
    WHEN will history say, things did not “go your way”,
    “How in hell” did the “rubes” find your flaws?
    With your Media Whores, you should win all the wars!
    You finagled and fixed all the laws!
    • In time we DID learn, that you NEVER had earned,
    Even ONE THING you claimed to be true.
    (“But I sealed EVERY record” you whispered to friends),
    And no one played “RACE CARDS” like you.
    Your plan’s coming apart, and you don’t have the heart,
    To “regroup”, “start again” or “revise”.
    The scheme’s “going to hell” so damn quickly,
    You can’t even keep straight your OWN lies!
    Because you’re so proud, you will NOT be allowed,
    To just claim some “mistakes” and move on.
    You’re dismayed at the fury of the PEOPLE YOU DESPISE;
    And you’re STAGGERED your opponent’s so strong!
    Guess you’ll just muddle through, till the voters tell you,
    That your golfing adventure is DONE.
    Get the “hell ‘outa our House” you servant of sin,
    And STOP saying that you were “THE WON”.
    No rights reserved. Change it to suit–have fun.
    Why does O run? To complete the destruction he so desires of a nation he so hates.

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