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    Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s piece on Islamist riots infuriates leftwing media

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s piece on Islamist riots infuriates leftwing media

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim woman who authored a fascinating book, “Infidel,” about her life, has penned an article in this week’s Newsweek entitled “Muslim Rage: How I Survived, How We Can End It.” The article and the cover are infuriating the Left, as it tries to skew coverage of the violence occurring in the Middle East.

    Ali, now an AEI scholar, is Somalian-born woman who escaped an arranged marriage by moving to Netherlands, where she then became a member of the Dutch parliament. While in the Netherlands, she worked with Theo van Gogh on the short film “Submission,” which detailed Islam’s treatment of women. Van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim man with terrorist ties for his part in the movie; the man shot him eight times before attempting to decapitate his dead body.

    Ali writes:

    How should American leaders respond? What should they say and do, for example, when a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s newly elected ruling party, demands a formal apology from the United States government and urges that the “madmen” behind the Muhammad video be prosecuted, in violation of the First Amendment? If the U.S. follows the example of Europe over the last two decades, it will bend over backward to avoid further offense. And that would be a grave mistake—for the West no less than for those Muslims struggling to build a brighter future.

    For a homicidal few in the Muslim world, life itself has less value than religious icons, such as the prophet or the Quran. These few are indifferent to the particular motives or arguments behind any perceived insult to their faith. They do not care about an individual’s political alignment, gender, religion, or occupation. They do not care whether the provocation comes from serious literature or a stupid movie. All that matters is the intolerable nature of the insult.

    In response to this woman’s very personal experience with Islam, the Left lashed out. Think Progress attacked Newsweek for printing an “Islamaphobic” cover and an opinion piece in the International Business Times by Gianluca Mezzofiore, he decried her article as a “figment of fantasy” and ridiculed the American Establishment (he didn’t elaborate as to what, exactly, that is):

    Instead of following the example of president Obama, who responded to the mission attacks by calmly shoring up security in endangered hotspots and dousing fires with diplomacy, many American outlets have sought to blow the attacks out of all proportion.

    I recommend both Ali’s article and her excellent book for insight into a personal story of one woman’s clash with extremism.


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    gasper | September 17, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    “Obama is calmly doing nothing. That is their inspiration. God help us.”

    I would think he has done enough. That speech is Cairo and other parts of the ME are nothing but incitement. I would bet he negoiated with the leaders of these rebel factions and agreed that the US would help overthrow Mubarack and Quadaffi, etc. and darn if he didn’t give that aid. We all wondered why he invaded libya. Well, that’s why. He agreed to the release of the Lockerbie bomber thinking it would never get out but it did for a short while but is now forgotten. That was to be his excuse for deposing Quadaffi in case he needed to.

    He tried to force communism on Hondurus, he met with Farc in Columbia (our ally) and other drug lords in other countries during his 2008 campaign but the media as usual was mum. All the bad guys in fact.

    He has subverted the government of Mexico and Quatamalia and who knows what other countries with guns to drug lords. Probably part of that agreement. Hezbollah is in South America and he is doing nothing about that. Islamic militants are in Mexico (and probably coming here) if you go by all the beheadings there have been down there lately. You never heard of Mexicans beheading anyone before the last few years. They just shot them and left them where they laid.

    He is allowing illegal aliens and who knows who else cross our borders with impunity and refuses to deport them. By EOC (one of many taking away our freedom) he is allowing Mexicans to stay her legally. Poor fools don’t understand that they are documented now and the EOC is no good after obama leaves office (if he ever does).

    He is dismantling and taking away the wealth of Americans leaving about a fourth of our citizens in poverty.

    He is building his own private army and is buying ammunition through Depts of education, energy, epa, etc. All these gun sales skyrocketing? Don’t run away with the idea they are all conservatives. His private army will consist of Blacks, Illegals, definitely muslims and brainwashed whites. I can’t help wondering when or if he is going to turn these people looose on the rest of us. Before the election or will he wait until he loses? Or is he going to use the whole islamic crisis and say it would be wrong to change presidents during this crucial time and then turn them loose to make us behave.

    He is not allowing our military to have guns even on bases (as we saw in the Fort Hood fiasco) so how will they defend us and/or stop him. The police, firemen and teachers are unionized. H*ll, even the street cleaners re unionized. And the unions are all in his pocket.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the terms of the loans from China was to refuse to build the Keystone pipeline so Canada would have to sell their oil to China instead. He is not the first democrat president who sold us out. BTW, are the oilfields un Canada the same ones that are under us that we are not allowed to drill?

    His goal is world communism with him at the helm and he will let nothing stop him from that goal. All he has to do now is play golf while the world goes up in flames.

    A smart president would pull all our embassies out of the ME…at least until these riots are over but not him. He doesn’t care if our people are killed in atrocious ways. Hr will use their deaths for his own benefit. He is a sociopath. He has no empathy for his fellow man. I will never forget that he said 25 million Americans would have to die for him to implement his policies.

    All this is scary and I hope I am wrong but I doube it.

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