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    About that Romney tape

    About that Romney tape

    You’ve probably heard that Mother Jones released an edited partial video of Mitt Romney speaking at a private fundraiser several months ago, in which he commented that Obama has a lock on about 47% of the vote because that represents the percentage of the population which doesn’t pay federal income taxes or is dependent on the government.

    The language used could have been better, but the concept is one advocated here and almost everywhere in the conservative blogosphere and by candidates in the primaries — Obama is building a dependency state in which we will reach a tipping point where a majority of people have no stake in raising income taxes because they don’t pay income taxes.

    There is nothing remarkable about Romney’s comments except that because on a secret video, they appear more nefarious.

    There is no doubt that this was an Obama campaign operation, and likely we will see more such tapes dribbled out a week at a time.  The team which obtained sealed divorce records of rivals certainly can plant donors at private fundraisers.

    Don’t fall for pronouncements that Romney’s campaign now is over.  Such pronouncements now come weekly by a media seeking a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Whether it was the insane overreaction to Romney’s comments on Libya or the declaration that the polling showed Romney had lost, every week there will be a new meme circulated.

    Stay focused, and motivated.

    Update:  Romney was smart to hold a press conference immediately, so that his explanation is part of the news cycle:


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    Considering Obama wrote off the “white middle-class” isn’t this just fair play?

    theduchessofkitty | September 18, 2012 at 10:34 am

    Remember Peggy Joseph? Oh yeah. “Me, too!”

    Show the tape of her being so enthusiastic about The One paying her gas and her mortgage. It simply confirms what Romney said.

    That should shut down all discussion very quickly.

    If the tape was such a bfd it would have been released October 31. This is the worst those Chicago Gangsters can come up with? LOL.

    […] us don’t pay our fair share.  Now that Jimmy Carter’s grandson recorded Romney’s comments about it, newsmakers are trying to turn the remarks into a gaffe of “bitter clingers” […]

    Brutally honest Patriot | September 19, 2012 at 7:27 am

    There is only one problem with Ronmey’s comment about the 47%. It includes those collecting SS. SS is NOT an entitlement. Each and everyone of us that works pays into SS. That IS your money. I know more than a few hard working folks that are conservative to the core that want the SS money they paid in back from this corrupt government and should be allowed to collect that money that was stolen from them at the point of the governments gun. They vote conservative!

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