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    A Large Order of Fries, Please — and Make Them French

    A Large Order of Fries, Please — and Make Them French

    Remember “Freedom Fries”?  Over the last decade, the French were ridiculed by millions of Americans—including me—who didn’t have to wonder how Henry V prevailed at Agincourt with a much smaller force or why trees line the Champs Elysees (so the Germans can march in shade).

    But today, you gotta hand it to France:

    A French magazine ridiculed the Prophet Mohammad on Wednesday by portraying him naked in cartoons, threatening to fuel the anger of Muslims around the world who are already incensed by a film depiction of him as a womanizing buffoon.

    The French government, which had urged the magazine not to print the images, said it was temporarily shutting down premises including embassies and schools in 20 countries on Friday, when protests sometimes break out after Muslim prayers.

    Got that?  French president Francois Hollande, though a Socialist, didn’t send the police to frog march the magazine’s editor at midnight. Instead, his government will be protecting its citizens abroad—and probably even in France itself—from Muslim rioters who believe that the world better stop hurting their feelings.  Or else.

    It’s a sad day when the leader of France shows more testicules than the president of the United States.  The French, it appears, have had enough of being held hostage to a cult of violence.  Here’s hoping Americans have too.

    By the way, in what other religion are the faithful more likely to riot after attending services?


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    “It’s a sad day when the leader of France shows more testicules than the president of the United States.”

    It’s any day that anybody (including my female cat) shows more testicules than THIS President of the United States.

    You think he’s damaging to the U.S. now? Just wait to see what he’ll do between the election and Inauguration Day (when he can legally be dragged kicking and screaming from the White House). >:-(

    numbersguy | September 19, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    What would they do if there were more cartoons or videos or books or articles that started popping up in more countries around the world? How much rage do they have? Also, it seems that no one is raging here in the US. Is it because no one here is offended? It’s because they know that if they kill over here, they will be caught, arrested, tried and probably convicted. There was no fear of that in Libya.

    Uncle Samuel | September 19, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    Highly recommend this Sultan Knish post on the cost of a Koran:

    The French are arrogant and often irritating, but are not now, nor have they often been, terribly shy about using force. Going 0 for 3 against Germany does not erase the roughly 400 years of French dominance of Europe, one of the most warlike continents. To this day, French military force projection is far superior to that of the vast majority of countries, including those of Europe, Great Britain possibly excepted. How many countries maintain 36,000 military personnel overseas? According to this list of French military operations since 1945 (, the French armed forces are in combat about every 2.7 years (UN peacekeeping missions not included).

    As for the Leclerc, it has five forward gears and two reverse gears (

    If only the mental transmissions of some commenters were as flexible.

    And let’s not forget their bravery and marksmanship v the Rainbow Warrior.

    You’re protesting too much, Cinch. For the last decade, France didn’t acquit itself too well, vis-a-vis Islamists either domestically or abroad. Chirac’s motives were transparently animated by France’s oil interests, primarily through Total-Fina-Elf, in Iraq and elsewhere. (An excellent case can be made that without Chirac’s assurances to Saddam, Saddam would have permitted free access to his sites and Iraq wouldn’t have descended into the maelstrom.) While their capitulation to Muslim violence night after night in the banlieues was disgraceful. That they may be moving back toward what you prefer to think of as their mean is gratifying.

      rotate in reply to Joel Engel. | September 20, 2012 at 8:30 am

      Think, say what you will but I must offer a distinction with a difference between the elected politicos and French intelligence. DGSE works closely with our intel people and is highly regarded.

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