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    Will @RomneyResponse become the hunter?

    Will @RomneyResponse become the hunter?

    The Romney campaign has started a Twitter rapid response user account @RomneyResponse and associated Tumblr site.

    Given how Twitter can move an issue in minutes, Team Romney is smart to get more active.

    John Nolte at has some good advice, much of which centers upon hunting the pro-Obama mainstream media:

    1. The over-arching goal of @RomneyResponse (RR) should be to mobilize the armies of New Media and Social Media. Through Facebook, Twitter and blogs, there are literally millions of Republicans eager and ready to go to battle with the corrupt media. RR needs to (quickly) earn its place as a leader in this army by offering material, guidance, ideas, truth, and a fearless fighting spirit (a sense of humor wouldn’t hurt, either).

    2. Whoever staffs RR needs to understand how media works, get up around four a.m. to read and watch those in the corrupt media who set the day’s narratives, and identify what those narratives will be. And…

    The first RR Tweets of the day should always be RR’s prediction of that day’s coming narratives.

    Doing this will literally alert millions and offer direction as to where that day’s battle with the media will take place….

    3. The second Tweets of the day should be RR’s predictions of the news damaging to Obama the corrupt media will cover up….

    And again, the sooner your army is aware of this, the sooner you can mobilize them to push the truth out through a new/social media counter-narrative.

    4. Name names. In a good-natured, professional, but aggressive way, RR should directly and publicly challenge media outlets and “journalists” who get their facts wrong and cover up bad news for Obama. Let them know you know and let them know you are letting the world know by challenging them openly….

    5. Reward your army with links and retweets. Once you flood the zone with your predicted narratives, cover ups, and challenges for the day, throw some love to those online who help you get the truth out. This can start a snowball effect that spreads the truth far and wide.

    The overall thrust of Nolte’s advice is on target.  As he notes, the mainstream media is beyond repair:

    And if the media screaming taunts and heckling Romney on sacred ground in Poland doesn’t convince you of that, nothing will.

    Become the hunter, stop being the hunted.  The hunted only can lose.


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    PrincetonAl | August 5, 2012 at 11:19 am

    I think if you respond with humor, not too seriously, to the outside the normal bounds of debate stuff, its a winner.

    For example, maybe the perfect response to Harry Reid’s nonsense is not to just laugh it off, but have some surrogate to Romney offer to bet Harry Reid $100,000 to put his money where his mouth is (you can’t have Romney do it).

    When Reid doesn’t take the bait, #ChickenReid becomes a hashtag for a week.

    That is what Breitbart would do, methinks … he was always putting up the money 😉

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