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    Will @RomneyResponse become the hunter?

    Will @RomneyResponse become the hunter?

    The Romney campaign has started a Twitter rapid response user account @RomneyResponse and associated Tumblr site.

    Given how Twitter can move an issue in minutes, Team Romney is smart to get more active.

    John Nolte at has some good advice, much of which centers upon hunting the pro-Obama mainstream media:

    1. The over-arching goal of @RomneyResponse (RR) should be to mobilize the armies of New Media and Social Media. Through Facebook, Twitter and blogs, there are literally millions of Republicans eager and ready to go to battle with the corrupt media. RR needs to (quickly) earn its place as a leader in this army by offering material, guidance, ideas, truth, and a fearless fighting spirit (a sense of humor wouldn’t hurt, either).

    2. Whoever staffs RR needs to understand how media works, get up around four a.m. to read and watch those in the corrupt media who set the day’s narratives, and identify what those narratives will be. And…

    The first RR Tweets of the day should always be RR’s prediction of that day’s coming narratives.

    Doing this will literally alert millions and offer direction as to where that day’s battle with the media will take place….

    3. The second Tweets of the day should be RR’s predictions of the news damaging to Obama the corrupt media will cover up….

    And again, the sooner your army is aware of this, the sooner you can mobilize them to push the truth out through a new/social media counter-narrative.

    4. Name names. In a good-natured, professional, but aggressive way, RR should directly and publicly challenge media outlets and “journalists” who get their facts wrong and cover up bad news for Obama. Let them know you know and let them know you are letting the world know by challenging them openly….

    5. Reward your army with links and retweets. Once you flood the zone with your predicted narratives, cover ups, and challenges for the day, throw some love to those online who help you get the truth out. This can start a snowball effect that spreads the truth far and wide.

    The overall thrust of Nolte’s advice is on target.  As he notes, the mainstream media is beyond repair:

    And if the media screaming taunts and heckling Romney on sacred ground in Poland doesn’t convince you of that, nothing will.

    Become the hunter, stop being the hunted.  The hunted only can lose.


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    We don’t need Mitt butting into this any more than we needed Obummer butting into the Henry Louis Gates incident or playing the violin over Trayvon Martin. I would hope that Mitt has more sense, and better things to do, than to opine on every headline-grabbing brouhaha. Larger principles were arguably involved in the Gates and Martin events, too, so I think that comparing the three is apt.

    Henry Hawkins | August 4, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    Any professional politician ought to know how to field a question about an event like Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, score the proper point, and then turn his answer back to his primary message:

    Reporter: “Governor Romney, what’s your position on the Chick-fil-A Day events?”

    Romney: “I think it’s important to recognize that most of these wonderful people who chose to come out in support of Chick-fil-A did so out of their respect and great concern for our First Amendment rights, and believe as I do that no elected official – from either side of the aisle – ought to impose some ideological litmus test that citizens or businesses must pass in order to enjoy their God-given rights, as outlined in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights. And isn’t it just this practice of placing political ideology above individual rights that has contributed so much to the economic decline our country has suffered under the hapless leadership of……”

    … and he could go on from there with his primary message of Obama’s horrific economic record. Who would object to the standard, pro-Constitution boilerplate in the first half of this example answer?

    It worries the crap out of me that apparently the Romney team objects to it.

      ALman in reply to Henry Hawkins. | August 4, 2012 at 7:03 pm

      Yes, Mitt doesn’t need to enter into every controversy. Perhaps, in itself, “not part of his campaign” is not what’s generated concern, but what it seems to reflect, a certain passiveness on his part.

      Obviously, I can only speak for myself. I think Romney can ill-afford what amounts to a “no comment” statement. He either defines himself, or Obama and team, Clinton, Reid, etc will define him for the American public.

      Perhaps, from the convention forward, they have planned a blanket or saturation campaign. Whatever it might be, it’s difficult for supporters to generate enthusiasm based upon unknowns.

        Henry Hawkins in reply to ALman. | August 4, 2012 at 9:52 pm

        Perhaps a clumsy analogy, but when I was a boxer in my youth my first trainer told me, upon seeing me flinch while sparring with our best fighter, that if you don’t want to get hit, don’t get in the ring. Another boxing analogy states that you can’t rely on outpointing the champion (incumbent), that you’d better knock him out if you can.

        At some point, Romney has to engage with a little vigor. This was an issue where he could have easily scored a few points at little risk to himself. This is not a local affair – incumbent libs across the country have begun to set up a system where your rights depend on their judgments of your ideology. Fail in their judgment and you don’t get your rights. Pure, unadulterated despotism, up front and in your face, not in some hidden back room.

        That’s too small, too local of an issue for a presidential candidate? I don’t think so.

    Is it not interesting that —

    – when a Daily Caller ‘reporter’ heckled Obama during a Rose Garden speech, every news outlet identified the reporter by name and by affiliation.

    – when a reporter tries to heckle Romney in Poland (about ‘gaffes’), the reporter’s name and affiliation are missing from the reports.

    Did I miss something?

    Left Coast Red | August 5, 2012 at 8:25 am

    Romney’s done exactly the right thing here. One issue and one issue only is his key to this election. However much it may feel good and right to sally forth into the latest episode of moral politics, this will be framed as identity politics by the Left. They own that. Not only would it divert energy away from Romney’s political strength, it diverts it to an area of Lefty strength. This is a CAMPAIGN. We need to keep our powder dry.

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