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    Teachers Union releases hit piece video against director of Hating Breitbart

    Teachers Union releases hit piece video against director of Hating Breitbart

    You would think the Chicago Teachers Union has too much going on right now to wage a personal campaign against a local filmmaker.

    School starts September 4, and CTU is about to authorize a strike after having been embroiled in a contract standoff with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. And they’ve been busy deploying union members all over town (even up to Wisconsin) to participate in protests with Occupy, against Scott Walker and NATO, and various other activities that are completely unrelated to teaching.

    Nevertheless, they had the time to produce a 23-minute hit piece video on Andrew Marcus, director of the upcoming documentary Hating Breitbart, and an organization for which he produced a short documentary, Education Action Group.

    What did Marcus and EAG do to cause the Chicago Teachers Union to release a 23-minute video just about them?

    They worked with FOX News’s Juan Williams to produce “A Tale of Two Missions,” which “examines the reform battle being waged in Chicago between advocates for school choice and the CTU.”

    For this, the CTU refers to Marcus as a “right-wing extremist” and his blog, Founding Bloggers, as “radical.”

    The Teachers Union may also have been upset about Marcus’s coverage of some of their protest marches, particularly the documentation of their collaboration with Occupy and Anarchist organizer Lisa Fithian:

    According to Marcus, “The leadership of CTU premeditated their own arrests with the help of self-proclaimed anarchists, and yet they smear my reputation. They should apologize to me and the law abiding people of Chicago who deserve teachers who put children above radical politics.”

    I’ve been documenting the strange bedfellows the Chicago Teachers Union has been keeping, particularly during the Occupy “spring” and NATO protests. If they are so concerned about the children, maybe they ought to quit going to anarchist and Occupy protests and using children as cover for their own far-left political agendas.

    And if putting their resources into attacking Andrew Marcus and EAG for exposing the truth about their activities–and about the woeful state of education in Chicago today–results in a hit-piece video 23 minutes long, what will they do if the mainstream media ever started reporting on them?


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    barbara | August 22, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    “what will they do if the mainstream media ever started reporting on them?”


    Thanks – I needed a good laugh.

    retire05 | August 22, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    Just read an June, ’12 article from Chicago CBS that reported Chicago teachers are the highest paid in the nation at $76K/year. Now think about that: they are higher paid that teachers in New York where the cost of living is higher than Chicago. And that is a tony $76K for 9 months work. If they earned the same for all 12 months, we are taking about a cool $101K/yr.

    If I were a parent, I would move from Chicago post haste, if I could. I would find a job in another state and leave Illinois to go the way of California. Only a child abuser would want their kids to grow up in such a radical town.

    The number of home schooled children is a rapidly growning trend in Texas. The home school coalition is great, and children are learning to read, write and excel at math, instead of sitting in a class room with a teacher who thinks her 5 grand a month isn’t enough.

      9thDistrictNeighbor in reply to retire05. | August 22, 2012 at 11:40 pm

      We know three couples with kids about to enter school who just moved out of one of the “best” Chicago neighborhoods so they wouldn’t have to send the kids to CPS—one couple really die-hard lefties as well (they become the Jan Schakowsky voters).

      Non-tenured teachers go on unemployment for three months in the summer…it’s a game.

      Around here homeschooling is the only way to avoid the awful curricula in the schools…they all teach the same crap (Univ. of Chicago math, aka “Everyday Math”, etc.). Public, private, parochial, the curricula is largely the same…not mastery but, well, “twaddle” and indoctrination (yes, even at Catholic schools…go green, save the planet, no garbage days, hang a portrait of Obama and hide the crucifix). But, everyone feels good… The big fight with the CPS union is over a longer day…to do what I don’t know.

    First make sure empty suit idiots are in charge at CPS (see Arnie Duncan). Then divert hundreds of millions of tax dollars away from schools and into city coffers via TIF’s. Then make sure the dumbest most radical are elected to the union leadership, and then start busing “parent protesters” to school meetings railing against teachers.

    CTU has been played and cornered into a disastrous strike that will range from bad, where they make multiple concessions, to having the union de-certified and totally bypassed.

    All the children, and about 85% of the teachers are the victims in this charade.

    They have time to make propaganda films, because they have plenty of money to hire people to make them.

    They have plenty of money because they receive exorbitant amounts of dues from overpaid teachers.

    The teachers are overpaid, because they are in the tank for the democrat party machine.

    The Democrat party machine has the money to overpay the teachers because they are blindly voted back into office by political hack union government workers.

    In other words, the propaganda film in question was paid for by taxpayers — us!

    punfundit | August 23, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    Struck a nerve, did he?

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